What Are The Types of Industrial Robots?

Many people do not know what the different types of industrial robots are. 

Customers looking to invest in robotic technologies are concerned about finding the right robot for their company. Never fear, we have created a list of six main types of industrial robots. In addition, we explain the different specialties of each robot.

Types of Industrial Robots Available:

  • Cartesian Robots – Most commonly used for industrial applications such as CNC machines and 3D printing
  • SCARA Robots – Typically used for assembly and palletizing, as well as bio-med application
  • Articulated Robots – Applications are assembly, arc welding, material handling, machine tending, and packaging
  • Delta Robots – Used for fast pick and place applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries
  • Polar Robots – Commonly used for die casting, injection molding, welding, and material handling
  • Collaborative Robots (Cobots) – Typically used for pick and place, palletizing, quality inspection, and machine tending

Even once customers find the robot that fits their needs, they are concerned about actually using the robot within their company.

A major concern is that industrial robots are too complex and difficult to implement, but that is simply not true.

In fact, a recent survey found a majority of manufacturers in the US plan to implement robotics within the next 2-5 years. Furthermore, robots are the way of the future and come with the ability to meet changing needs.

Today’s industrial robots come standard with the following benefits;

  • Easily programmable, thereby eliminating the need for expensive third-party programmers
  • Flexible deployment enables them to move easily from one process to another
  • They come equipped with intuitive software kits
  • Untrained operators have the ability to have one up and running in just half a day
  • They don’t require extensive custom coding of tasks or processes
  • Online and flexible onsite training available

TM Robots come with come equipped with intuitive software kits

Collaborative robots don’t require extensive custom coding of tasks or processes

Key Features

Easy Programming

Patented technology lets operators with no programming experience quickly set up and operate our cobots with intuitive, 3D visualization. Simply move the robot arm to desired waypoints or touch the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet.

Fast set up

The average set-up time reported by our customers is only half a day. The out-of-box experience for an untrained operator to unpack the cobot, mount it, and program the first simple task is typically less than an hour.

Flexible Deployment

Moving the cobot to new processes is fast and easy, giving you the agility to automate almost any manual task, including those with small batches or fast change-overs. The cobot is able to re-use programs for recurrent tasks.

Any repetitive task is a candidate for robotics, especially if it’s difficult or dangerous for a human or takes place in a hostile environment. They have the ability to streamline the entire process leading to higher productivity and quality, thus improving business operations along with a quick ROI. To find out what the ROI would be for your company, click here.

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