Aerospace Technology

aerospace industry

Aerospace technology is advancing. In fact, building and powering this technology with human hands alone is becoming a harder task. Parts are cumbersome, heavy and more dangerous for human workers. That’s where JHFOSTER can help the Aerospace Industry.

Aerospace Industry and Compressed Air

Manufacturers of aircraft components must prevent contamination in Aerospace Electronics and Sensor Assembly and Manufacturing. Common air compressors may mix air with lubricants, presenting a significant contamination risk for applications that require purity. Your answer is an oil-free compressor. Oil-free compressors can also be used in assembling guidance systems.

On the other hand, for some of the major structural components, oil lubricated compressor use is just fine. For example, oil lubricated compressors have been used for composite applications. They also aid in machining structural components.

Finally, compressed air can also be used in fatigue simulation for quality testing and in wind tunnel applications.

Automating Aerospace Production

Automated assembly systems pave the way to creating the materials necessary for airplanes and other flying crafts. From conveyors to pneumatic technology, your manufacturing process can be quicker than ever. This leads to more aerospace production. Robotic technology can also pave the way to increasing efficiency in the assembly line. Collaborative robots are able to assist drilling, riveting, coating and painting, machine operations and more.

They are your ideal assistant. In fact, robots can work alongside human coworkers. You can find more on human-robot collaboration in our blog post.

aerospace industry

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