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Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) and Safety

Techman Robot automating a packaging plant with gripper technology.

Industries That Use HRC A wide range of industries use human-robot collaboration. For example, pick-and-place is a commonly seen HRC manufacturing process. However, surprisingly, many industries use HRC. Industries that use collaboration include but are not limited to: Agriculture Automation Breweries Energy Manufacturing Medical Technology Transportation For example, robots find themselves in doctor’s offices. Often […]

Your Company’s Ultimate Guide to Tax Deductions and Incentives

Do I Qualify for Tax Incentives and Rebates Image

Where do you start when it comes to Tax Deductions and Incentives? We all have work budgets. Consider this your reminder to use those unspent budget dollars. Put these dollars towards energy efficient equipment that qualify for IRS Section 179 tax deductions and incentives. Not only that, but by replacing your compressed air system and/or […]

7 Steps to JHFOSTER Repair Process

repair process

JHFOSTER can repair your Compressed Air, Automation, and Robotic systems in seven simple steps. As a result, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with fast, efficient, and reliable customer service. Don’t let your system cost you money with expensive downtime. Let us help you repair your system. Find out what our 7 Steps to the […]

Inspiration for the Future of Robotics

Image of robotic technology showcased at Robot Day sponsored by The Works Museum.

JHFOSTER helps prepare the next generation for a future of innovation and robotics. JHFOSTER enjoys taking part in robotic events that inspire the next generation of robotic experts and STEM related careers. That’s why each year, JHFOSTER attends multiple events both supporting children with their projects and showcasing new automation and robotic technology. VEX Robotics […]

What Are The Types of Industrial Robots?

TM Robot solving a packaging issue and automating the packaging industry using gripper technology.

Many people do not know what the different types of industrial robots are.  Customers looking to invest in robotic technologies are concerned about finding the right robot for their company. Never fear, we have created a list of six main types of industrial robots. In addition, we explain the different specialties of each robot. Types […]

How Robots Reshape the Manufacturing Industry

robots reshape the manufacturing industry

Industrial robots are often used to perform duties that are dangerous or unsuitable for human workers. Therefore, they are necessary for situations that require high output and no errors. As a result, the industrial robot has become a fixture in factories. Even more, robots can offer many benefits to many types of robotic applications and […]

Can Robots Lower Labor Costs and Solve Labor Shortage For Your Company?

Collaborative robots increasing production

Over the last 50 years the cost of labor in manufacturing has risen steadily. The willingness of many people to perform highly repetitive tasks on assembly lines has decreased. As a result, labor shortages have increased. Can robots lower labor costs and solve labor shortages? Where Can I Save Costs? With robotic automation products, you […]