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How Collaborative Robots Solve Labor Shortages

Techman Cobot in warehouse

Continuing Your Business Is Our Business During times of economic downturn, you may face labor shortage problems. These problems can make you feel out of control and terrified for the future of your business. JHFOSTER saw our customers experiencing these problems and knew that something had to be done. With the introduction of labor shortages, […]

Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) and Safety

Techman Robot automating a packaging plant with gripper technology.

Industries That Use HRC A wide range of industries use human-robot collaboration. For example, pick-and-place is a commonly seen HRC manufacturing process. However, surprisingly, many industries use HRC. Industries that use collaboration include but are not limited to: Agriculture Automation Breweries Energy Manufacturing Medical Technology Transportation For example, robots find themselves in doctor’s offices. Often […]

Shape Your Company’s Future Now With Robotic Technology

TM Robots come with come equipped with intuitive software kits

Today’s manufacturing applications can not only be done more efficiently, but also much safer and with the ability to save businesses lots of money. Robotic technology is leading the way when it comes to revolutionizing manufacturing processes such as packaging, pick and place, testing, assembly. Robotic automation can also fulfill any job that is either […]

Are Collaborative Robots Safe?

collaborative robots safe

As industrial robots become more popular, many customers wonder whether collaborative robots are safe to implement in their facility. Although an industrial robot will better the ergonomic conditions in a production area, there is a concern that the robot will create an unsafe work environment. We’re not talking about the human-looking, talking variety of robots […]