Shape Your Company’s Future Now With Robotic Technology

Today’s manufacturing applications can not only be done more efficiently, but also much safer and with the ability to save businesses lots of money. Robotic technology is leading the way when it comes to revolutionizing manufacturing processes such as packaging, pick and place, testing, assembly. Robotic automation can also fulfill any job that is either risky or unsatisfactory for the human work force.

TM Robots are Smart, Simple, and Safe

We continue to expand our selection of industrial and collaborative robots. Therefore, we are excited to introduce our most recent partnership with Techman Robot (TM). TM robot arms are designed for innovation and are equipped to significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of your company’s operations. Also, backed up by JHFOSTER expertise, TM Robot robotic technology and arms lower your operational costs and improve your manufacturing process.

TM robots come standard with the following;

Built-in Vision System

TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system. The vision system integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly. On the otherhand, most robots need an add-on vision system which is time consuming and costly to implement.

Painless Programming

TMflow is our innovative flow-based robot editing software. You complete any industrial program in simple actions, just click and drag without any coding experience.

Force Limiting

When the robot collides with an object or person, it will immediately stop any actions to prevent doing harm. It is a perfect choice for collaborating with humans in factories and manufacturing facilities.

What makes TM different than other robots? 

TM is Smart

Techman has an integrated 5 Megapixel camera that allows it to see and do what the other cobots can’t without adding expensive vision equipment.

TM is Simple

Techman has a Flowchart based programing interface called TM Flow, that makes it easy to understand and program.

TM is Safe

Techman is an ISO certified collaborative robot which means workers and robots can share the same space.

TM is Easy to Re-Program

Changing the process of the robot is not a complicated task that requires an engineer with TM Robot. Techman Robots uses simple software that needs only a mouse, keyboard or laptop to operate.

TM is Re-Deployable

Techman does not need guarding for most applications, giving it a smaller footprint on the plant floor.  Which means that it is easy to relocate it from one work area to another.

TM is Easy to Move

Techman allows the user to use one or two hands to move to a position, record a position, take a picture and operate the gripper all from the control buttons on the wrist of the robot.

TM is Stronger

Techman can do the jobs that the other cobots can’t.  Techman has a top payload of 30 lbs.

TM is Flexible

Techman allows the user to use one or two hands to move to a position, record a position, take a picture and operate the gripper. This is all done from the control buttons on the wrist of the robot.  Also, TM Robots can see where they are working and adjust on the fly. Therefore, bumping the work surface or the robot itself does not pose a threat.

TM is Affordable

Techman cobots priced lower than the other leading cobot brands, meaning that they have a greater ROI.

TM is Windows Compatible

Instead of a proprietary teach pendant, Techman lets you use a monitor, keyboard and mouse or even a laptop for operation.

TM is Standardized

Techman uses the standard wrist sizing meaning that most grippers and end effectors are easy to integrate.

Robotic Technology and ROI

ROI Calculator

How soon can you expect to see a return on your robotic technology investment?  Calculating your savings with our ROI calculator. Discover the cost savings of incorporating a robot verses manual labor during the course of a project. Find the complete listing of robotic lines and robotic accessories we distribute.

Our robotic systems engineers are available to determine operations that are best automated. To learn more about all of our product offerings or specifically how we help you on your robotic automation journey, contact us at 651.452.8452 or email.

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