Modular Framing Systems Adjust to Fit Almost Any Industry

Aluminum Profiles, Fasteners and Accessories

80/20’s T-slot system is a modular framing system that helps you decrease costs, increase efficiencies, reduce waste. Aluminum systems also improve safety in a wide range of industries and solution applications. JHFOSTER (JHFOSTER) has been a leading distributor of 80/20 aluminum framing systems for some of the most complicated and mission-critical automation projects, as well as smaller applications requiring innovative solutions.

T-slot aluminum extrusion is lightweight and easy to machine, which allows 80/20 to offer a large variety of both fractional and metric extrusions for products such as machine tool, automation, material handling, manufacturing, robotics, workstations and guarding. Also, they provide secure and OSHA-approved guards, displays, workstations, or any other custom application needed. In addition, we offer a designated team of design engineers to help create customized systems and offer services such as design assistance, custom machining, kit packaging and support to build your application. In addition to providing AutoCAD™ and Solidworks™ drawings of the application.

Benefits of using 80/20 framing systems;

Unlimited Possibilities
80/20 is your one-stop shop for all your modular framing systems, supplying extruded profiles and the most diverse line of fasteners and accessories available. So, with 80/20 products you can truly think “outside the box” and bring your imagination to life.

Cost Effective
80/20 aluminum framing systems could save you hundreds of dollars versus welding steel framing. Most importantly, 80/20 uses 6105-T5 aluminum, which has a yield strength of 35,000 psi and has 1/3 the weight of iron, steel, copper or brass.

Stocked Parts
80/20 stocks over 6,000 standard parts servicing virtually every industry and application. Also, many of our orders ship out from 80/20 in 24 hours or less.

Design Assistance
JHFOSTER provides design assistance using AutoCAD™ and SolidWorks™. Further, all that is needed for us to start your design is a sketch of your project and dimensions.

Drop-Lock Feature Available
The drop-lock consists of a 2⁰ decline of the t-slot flange. So, when a fastener is tightened to (or beyond) the necessary torque, the flange will flex up to the adjoining profile. This then creates pressure which prevents the fasteners from vibrating loose.

Kit Packaging
Reduce time and money by pre-packaging your project at no extra charge. Moreover, profiles are cut to length, machined and come ready to assemble with all necessary hardware.

Together, the teams at 80/20®Inc. and JHFOSTER can build your project no matter what application you choose. Also, you’ll receive quality-built frames set to your exact specifications.

Contact us today at 800.582.5162 or by email. We are here to assist you in automating your manufacturing applications and provide you with successful solutions incorporating aluminum framing systems.