Introducing Emerson, AVENTICS Pneumatic Automation Line

Improve pneumatic efficiency by selecting the right valve, cylinder or actuator for your application

JHFOSTER is excited to announce a new partnership with the Emerson | AVENTICS brand of pneumatics for automation. Emerson | AVENTICS designs products for food and beverage, packaging, medical and energy related applications. However, they also offer solutions that cross all areas of industrial automation including transportation and agriculture. Backed up by Emerson and JHFOSTER expertise, we offer Emerson | AVENTICS pneumatic technology in standard and custom configurations. In addition, Emerson | AVENTICS introduces best-in-class online engineering tools.

Together, JHFOSTER and Emerson | AVENTICS are your one-source solution for a variety of automation components. Products include, but are not limited to; Pneumatic Valves, Cylinders, Actuators, Accessories/Air Preparation, Fittings, Tubing, Grippers, and Electro-Pneumatic Devices.

Aventics ceramic valve

Opportunities for industry through intelligent pneumatics include the latest in technology such as loT, Electro-Pneumatic Positioners and Fieldbus. Further, Emerson | AVENTICS pneumatics integrates electronics, the use of state-of-the-art materials, machine safety, and the Internet of Things. Emerson | AVENTICS pioneers offering and creating environmentally friendly solutions. Even more, Emerson | AVENTICS prepares for the future by expanding its approach to digitalization.

Emerson | AVENTICS Case Study – Spotlight on CERAM Valves and how one Company’s switch led to fewer air valve failures, less replacement costs, reduced downtime and higher productivity.

Emerson | AVENTICS case study