Conquering Labor Shortages and Operational Challenges with JHFOSTER

The current work environment is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. From staffing challenges to supply chain issues, there are countless obstacles in the way of business leaders around the world. Manufacturers and distributors can come together in the wake of a rapidly changing economy to make procedural changes that support the longevity of forward-thinking employees and functioning operations.

The State of the Manufacturing Industry

From automation to robotics, there is extensive opportunity available to address some of the most prevalent challenges in the world of manufacturing, one of which is labor. There are a few key problems when it comes to the workforce. First, it’s difficult (not to mention expensive) to find, hire, and train qualified talent. Secondly, it’s hard to retain your existing employees for a wide variety of psychological and physical reasons. Lastly, in the labor intensive world of manufacturing, extending the lifecycle of your talent can seem impossible.

What Are The Opportunities To Consider?

We have to start thinking about the future benefits that automation and robotics solutions can offer in the industrial environment. Many of the essential jobs in our space today are still very physically demanding and often dangerous. If we don’t start looking for and incorporating solutions that reduce this burden on our existing and new employees, we’ll not only fail to recruit the younger generation of industrial professionals, but also burn out the current workforce much faster than is necessary.

Automation allows us to extend not only careers, but also expertise in a space that needs to learn from and innovate upon the experience of professionals who have spent decades on the job. Enhancing the knowledge within the manufacturing space and being able to pass down experiences and lessons learned is the cornerstone of growth.

The impact on our workforce is not the only factor to consider when it comes to the opportunities automation and robotic solutions offer in the industrial environment. Data is an essential part of the advanced automation and robotics technology that is available today. Not only does the data allow professionals to work much more efficiently, but it also provides the necessary information in order to operate more sustainably, reducing waste and other harmful off puts of our operations. There is significant opportunity for growth in the sustainability space and JHFOSTER is proud to partner with leading manufacturers across robotics and automation spaces who are driving that kind of change.

Automated vehicles are among another of the major changes to come to the industrial space. With advancements like 5G connectivity and real-time GPS tracking, we’re able to give plant managers and operators much more capacity to monitor for alerts and direct activity within plants.

What’s Next In Manufacturing?

Automation and robotics will drive the continuity of manufacturing, from the workforce that’s actually handling the operations to the technology that enables the pros to take their experiences one step further, and then another. JHFOSTER is a proud partner of some of the most innovative manufacturers of robotics and automation solutions in today’s environment and we work tirelessly to equip our customers with the most advanced solutions.

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