Robotic Savings Calculator

Want to see how much you can save by purchasing a robot? The calculator below will help you estimate the three-year cost savings of implementing a robotic solution from John Henry Foster. Savings can be seen in cost of employee vs robot, savings in cost per production unit, and savings in operating cost per hour. Click the red ‘Get Quote’ button on our menu if you are interested in learning more about implementing robotics at your organization!


Full-Time Employee

Assuming the following:
• Year 1 Robot cost of $50K
• Average hourly labor rate of $20 in year 1. Assuming 3% merit increases every year
• Tax/benefits = 30% of salary
• 10% cost for employee overtime per year, added to final employee cost
• 10% in Service/Part costs for Robots in future years
• FTE is 80% as efficient as Robot in year 1. 85% in year 2. 90% in year 3.