Evolution of Blowers and Compressed Air: Slim ISO Containers

Blowers and compressors provide industrial plants of all types with the right kinds of air and gaseous needs. As technology continues to advance, the needs of these industrial plants evolve right alongside it. One of the key evolutions driven by leaders in machine technology, Aerzen, is the container solutions in which their advanced blower and compressor technology has been installed.

ISO Containers Enhancing Flexibility

Incorporating blower technology into containers can make processes much easier, streamlining activity in a variety of settings. The beauty of ISO containers is the standardization capabilities. From stacking to transporting, there’s a number of benefits to the uniformity the ISO containers provide.

With the latest combination of ISO containers and AERZEN’s blower and compressor technology, industrial plants around the world can leverage the most advanced technology with maximum flexibility. More than just technology and flexibility, the process of applying these solutions allows for standardized implementation, including comprehensive blower and compressor stations that can be easily connected and operational on site.

These container solutions are suitable for all standard blower and compressor technologies. Not only do the ISO container applications produce a uniform functionality, but they also feature noise protection measures, as well as frequency inverters and controls, all of which can be customized to specific customer requirements.

These air containers offer one of the most essential conveniences in the industrial environment: standardization. For installation, you simply need two strip foundations that can keep these air containers in a stable position. Moreover, in most cases you won’t need any additional building permits or architectural or structural engineering services. The ISO containers also allow for the expected changes within your plant layout as time goes on and machinery or production changes occur. You can move the container to a new location if or when the situation calls for it – again, only requiring the two strip foundations to keep the container stable.

Other Benefits of Slim ISO Air Containers

Implementation of compressed air solutions and blower technology can be time consuming and expensive. The alternative to custom enclosures that can seriously hinder production time and capacity is a slim container that streamlines installation. The ISO containers also provide:

  • Capabilities to expand production when you’ve run out of room, especially in the case where time is of the essence and a new build isn’t an option
  • Ability to repurpose existing compressor room for other uses
  • Reduction in service costs related to compressor maintenance
  • Adherence to Class 1, Div 1, and other hazardous operational requirements

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If you’re looking to increase the reliability and flexibility of your compressed air or blower solutions, while reducing costs and risks, the ISO container could be the answer you’re looking for. Contact our team today to learn how we can enhance profitability in your plant with the most innovative air solutions available.