Compressed Air Rebates Save You Energy and Money

Have you ever winced when looking at your power bill? Whether you’re looking at your company’s power bill or your very own home’s electric bill, that number after the dollar sign can be less than ideal. What if we told you that you could lower it by using Compressed Air Rebates and Incentives?

You probably just felt a wave of relief, right? Recently, Xcel Energy rolled out some new rebates valid until November of this year. These rebates could greatly lower that number you see on your power bills.

Read on to learn what rebate programs and incentives are available for you.

What Do Rebate and Incentive Programs Do?

A rebate program reimburses you for a specific amount of money that you spend by updating your compressed air equipment or by repairing your system. Generally, companies use rebates to update their equipment to energy saving options without breaking the bank. In addition, these rebates are offered by the energy companies you likely already use.

What Rebate and Incentive Programs May I Qualify For?

Compressed Air Audit Rebates

Compressed Air Audits identify areas in your compressed air system that may be causing wasted energy, and therefore, wasted money. An audit specialist completes the audit and recommends cost-saving solutions in the form of equipment upgrades, piping recommendations, compressed air usage reductions, and more. Additionally, the specialist also identifies any rebates or programs you qualify for. As a result, the cost of repair decreases and ROI increases. Xcel Energy, as an example, offers up to $25,000 in rebates for compressed air studies. Focus On Energy also offers rebates.

IRS Section 179

The IRS Section 179 Tax Deductions allows companies (large or small) to invest in new equipment and apply for deductions for the full purchase price of said equipment in that year. To qualify, you must use equipment costing up to $1,000,000 per year, with a full deduction made in that year. Essentially, this means you can make the deduction the year you have purchased the equipment, rather than spreading it out over the course of the equipment life. We are available for consultation if you have questions on if your equipment qualifies.

Compressed Air Dryer Rebate Program

Refrigerated dryers with partial load controls can save you energy costs by reducing electrical usage. They have the capability of turning on, off and unloading or varying their speed which results in reducing the required power necessary to run the dryer. The best part is that Xcel Energy offers rebates for these types of dryers. Find more details on the Refrigerated Air Dryer Rebate Program.

Fluid System Optimization Study and Rebates

The Fluid System Optimization Study takes a look at your compressor system to identify methods of optimizing your fluid system. More specifically, the study looks at operating parameters, measure flow, pressure and power, and estimated future process production needs. Any qualifying equipment bought as a result of this study is eligible for cost savings by using rebates. More details are available in this Fluid System Optimization Study flyer.

Dew Point Demand Controls Rebate Program

Desiccant dryers that have Dew Point Controls save energy by idling the dryer once they reach a certain preset range. Xcel Energy offers a rebate on the purchase of Dew Point Controls for Heatless Desiccant Dryers. Even better, the rebate is easy to apply for. Just fill out an application, attach your paid invoice, and mail it to Xcel! Find more details in our flyer.

Prescriptive No-Loss Air Drain Rebate

The key benefits of no-loss air drains include improved air quality, elimination of the need to regularly adjust cycle times, elimination of clogging and pressure loss, and reduction of energy cost by eliminating air purge. As a result, these systems save you energy, therefore leading to a reduction in cost.

There is a rebate available by Xcel Energy that can reduce the cost to acquire a no-loss air drain.

Prescriptive VSD Compressor Rebate

The benefits of an integrated VSD compressor include reduced power costs, reduced power surges, improved air delivery and pressure, and more efficient air volume. Variable speed compressors that qualify for this rebate include the 10 HP – 49 HP versions. If you’d like to see more details available for this rebate, view our Prescriptive VSD Compressor Rebate flyer.

Prescriptive Incentives Offered by Focus On Energy

Focus On Energy offers rebates for many different types of equipment. Essentially, these rebates are designed to help offset the upfront costs of purchasing more efficient equipment or making process improvements. The types of equipment available for rebates include:

  • Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors
  • Compressed Air Heat Recovery
  • Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • No Air-Loss Condensate Drains
  • Pressure/Flow Controllers
  • Compressed Air Mist Eliminators

To find out if you qualify for these rebates, view our Focus On Energy flyer.

Prescriptive Mist Eliminator Rebates

Mist eliminators are a large filter that are generally mounted to the floor. They last for between 5 – 10 years. Even more, mist eliminators have a low operating cost, offer high-efficiency filtration, require minimal maintenance, and have a standard differential pressure gauge. To find out if your purchase will qualify for rebate, view our resource here.

Limited Time Compressed Air Bonus Rebate

Currently, Xcel Energy offers Compressed Air Bonus Rebates valid on qualifying equipment until November 1st, 2020. This rebate can be used on top of current rebates and incentives offered. Equipment that qualifies for these bonus rebates include:

  • No loss air drains
  • VSD Compressors (new, early-retirement, and HP reduction projects)
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Cycling dryers
  • Dryer purge demand controls

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