Cobots and Coronavirus: Can They Help Preserve Our Health?

Collaborative robots have increased in use since the beginning of COVID-19. From helping maintain production in a healthy way to producing the PPE we need more than ever, Cobots are a great partner for our world in the “new-normal”. Therefore, Cobots and coronavirus have become hot topics in the automation world lately.

Cobots can help decrease the health risk in your plant and even in your daily life. Below we are going to discuss the different ways Cobots can increase the health and safety of your employees right now. However, if you’re looking for how Cobots can increase production during COVID-19, visit our post on that.

Help Increase Capacity for Social Distancing

Right now, the CDC suggests social distancing. Some states and counties are even enforcing this with legislation. As a result, companies feel the impact on production. Workers that once upon a time stood nearly shoulder to shoulder are forced to spread out.

Never fear! Collaborative Robots save the day! Cobots can stand in for their human counterparts to allow employees to safely distance themselves from co-workers. This means production continues as normal, but employees remain safe and healthy.

Increase Production of PPE

Collaborative robots assist in automating the production of PPE. As a result, companies that normally produce PPE astronomically raise their production limits. In addition, companies that take on the task of producing PPE to meet the demand and need for the public can use Cobots to automate their processes and reduce strain on employees.

Cobots, therefore, help produce equipment that is potentially lifesaving, but at the very least improve our daily health.

Cobots Decrease Contamination by Deep Cleaning

Collaborative robots have been used for wash down applications for a long time in the past. Now, cobots decrease contamination by disinfecting and deep cleaning equipment and surfaces. All you have to do is put a spray nozzle or similar technology on your robotic arm, and wallah! You’ve got yourself a disinfecting robot!

Pharmaceutical Production

As pharmaceuticals help combat symptoms of COVID-19, Cobots and the Coronavirus become enemies. In fact, Cobots assist in pharmaceutical production tasks. From filling vials to moving products, Cobots stand in the way of production slowdown every time.

COVID-19 Testing

Collaborative robots can’t get sick. That’s exactly why they are being used to handle samples taken from COVID-19 tests. They place these samples in diagnostic systems to analyze for the virus. This means decreasing the risk of contamination to staff handling the samples and decreases contamination of the samples themselves.


Cobots not only increase production, but they also create safer environments for employees that are able to work during the pandemic. It is the duty of businesses around the world to provide a clean and safe environment for employees. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t automate some of the tasks associated with this!

Finally, if you need help selecting the right robot for your company, contact our robot specialists by email or phone.