Prevent Compressor Shutdown & Stay Under Warranty with Service Agreements

What is A Service Agreement?

A service agreement is an agreement that ensures regular maintenance and service for your compressed air system. This means your maintenance team can get back to more important tasks. As a result, they don’t have to worry about losing track of maintenance again or scrambling to service a failing machine.

What are the Benefits of a Service Agreement?

The main benefit of having an agreement is not having to worry about performing scheduled maintenance tasks. Another important benefit is that technicians only use warranty-approved parts and service procedures. This means you don’t have to worry about staying under warranty! However, there are many more benefits beyond just that! Here are a few more benefits you could enjoy with an agreement:

  • Pre-scheduled Maintenance
  • 24-7 Preferred Emergency Service
  • Genuine Parts
  • Factory-trained Service Technicians
  • Regular Oil-samples
  • Temperature Observation
  • Oil-level Checks
  • Filter Replacements
  • Cooler Cleaning
  • Safety Checks

Is a Service Agreement Right for Me?

While there is a cost for service agreements, an even larger cost occurs with compressed air system failure. Such a failure holts production, causes safety issues, and overall costs more to fix. Preventing downtime is often an important factor in deciding whether an agreement is right for your company.

Service agreements are right for you if:

  • You don’t have a maintenance team
  • Your maintenance team struggles to keep track of maintenance
  • Staying under warranty is important for you
  • You have many compressors to keep track of
  • Downtime is a major concern for your business

What Equipment and Systems Qualify for Agreements?

Nearly all types of equipment and systems qualify for service agreements. Occasions that may cause us not to service a system is when there is a safety concern for the system or if the parts needed for the system are extremely rare and unable to be acquired. As a general rule, we will service any compressed air system you have!

What If I Need Repairs?

If you are looking for help with necessary repairs, we offer repair services as well. To find out more about our repairs, including emergency service, check out our blog post or our flyer.

Contact Us for More Information

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