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A Guide to Electrical Control Panels

If a product came from an automated assembly line, then an electrical control panel was involved in controlling it. This means anyone reading this has encountered a product made with the help of a control panel. An electrical control panel is a system of several electrical devices that control and monitor the mechanical functions of […]

UL 508 Compliant Control Panels

Technician working on electrical control panel

JHFoster maintains an industry-leading, in-house UL 508A certified control panel shop to help our clients meet all their electrical control panel needs. A top-functioning control panel can make the difference between inefficient and efficient mechanical processes. Control panels are most often used to simplify production, ensure quality materials, and facilitate accurate machining. They also improve […]

Reasons to Upgrade Factory Equipment to Industry 4.0 Tech

Industry 4.0 in Factory Equipment

You’ve likely heard the term “Industry 4.0” being tossed around in manufacturing circles. Maybe you’ve looked into bringing such technologies into your factory operations and are actively doing so as you read this post. Or maybe you’re taking more of a “wait and see” approach to observe how this whole concept shakes out. If you’re […]

Building Electric Circuits

Building an electric motion circuit can be a daunting task to those unfamiliar with the technology, but it doesn’t have to be. With just five core components, you can begin building your first electric motion machine: Power Supply Drive Cables Motor Actuator Power supplies seem like a no-brainer – without electricity, your electric circuit won’t […]

What You Should Know About Electrical Control Panels

Employee working on an electronic control panel.

Electrical control panels more than save you money. Of course, they do that. However, did you know they keep your employees safe, too? We see common hazards when it comes to unsafe applications in today’s workplace. Just one element to our electrical control panels is safety. Panels combined with pneumatic and electrical safety products can […]

Centralized Compressor Control Systems Save Energy

A JHFoster employee works on an electrical panel.

The Department of Energy estimates that compressor air generation consumes 10% of electrical energy use in the US. Furthermore, 70% of all manufacturing facilities use compressed air in some aspect of their manufacturing. These facts highlight the reason why companies with compressed air systems are investigating the potential for energy savings. You may be analyzing […]

How To Reduce Production Costs with Electrical Control Panels

Employee works on an electrical control panel with red and yellow wires.

Electrical Panels Improve Efficiency Electrical control panels are one way to help you change from inefficient processes to more efficient ones. As a result, this saves money for your business. Industrial control panels continue to improve with easier processing, quality materials and accurate machining. Further, benefits of automating tasks include: • Increased productivity • Ensure […]

Improve Workplace Safety with Electrical Control Panels

A JHFoster employee configures an electrical control panel.

Automating applications and workplace safety We know that serious workplace injuries happen far too often. In fact, in 2015, 4,836 workers were killed on the job*. In addition, there were also around three workplace incidents recorded per 100 employees in 2015. Electrical Control Panels are used to stop some of these incidents. They make production […]

How Do Electrical Panels Increase Production?

A JHFoster employee configures an electrical panel.

How Does Automating with Electrical Control Panels Benefit My Company? With all the automation tools currently available today, there is still a lot of time spent performing tasks manually. Furthermore, organizations miss opportunities to automate business processes that can save their employees’ time and boost productivity. John Henry Foster assists you in automating with electrical […]

How Robots Reshape the Manufacturing Industry

robots reshape the manufacturing industry

Industrial robots are often used to perform duties that are dangerous or unsuitable for human workers. Therefore, they are necessary for situations that require high output and no errors. As a result, the industrial robot has become a fixture in factories. Even more, robots can offer many benefits to many types of robotic applications and […]