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Custom vs. Standard Industrial Control Panels

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Industrial control panels impact safety and provide electrical supply and control to the machines and equipment that allow a business to successfully make its product, so it’s crucial to choose a control panel that meets the needs of the operation. While it can be overwhelming to consider all the available choices, the first step is […]

Troubleshooting Industrial Control Panels

Resolving Four Common Malfunctions in Industrial Control Panels  Control panels vary by application, but they should always possess protective devices (circuit breakers and/or fuses), disconnecting switches, means for locking-out power sources, and means for safely bleeding stored energy.  Typically, they also contain transformers, AC-DC power converters, motor starters, variable frequency drives (VFDs), servo motor drives, […]

Safe Manufacturers Insist on UL 508A Listed Industrial Control Panels

Industrial control panels are purpose-built to control nearly all machines and other equipment.  Purchasing UL 508A Listed control panels helps ensure safety and provides several other noteworthy advantages. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global safety science company and the largest independent testing laboratory in the U.S. Their mission is to test products and technologies for […]

Replacing an Aging Electrical Control Panel Boosts Safety, Reduces Costs 

Although electrical control panels are an integral component in automated equipment as they include a combination of electrical devices that distribute power to control the mechanical functions of industrial machinery, most facilities put them in place and then largely ignore them. This can be a dangerous and expensive oversite. Replacing an aging control panel with […]

Understanding Control Panel Enclosure Ratings

As manufacturers increasingly rely on automated and mechanical equipment to more efficiently produce products, control panels provide a reliable and effective means to control this equipment. However, because control panels contain sensitive circuitry and electronic components and are often located in dirty, wet, corrosive, or hazardous factory environments, it’s imperative that the control panel enclosure […]

Explanation of Electrical Control Panels 

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Electrical control panels are so common that we barely notice them.  They directly control nearly all manufacturing equipment and processes.  When properly designed and integrated, they also ensure safety, reliability, product quality, and process efficiency.  They typically include the following items: Advantages of PLC Control Panels The optimization, safety, and efficiency that control panels provide […]

The Basics of Enhancing Safety with Electrical Control Panels

Electricity is a major safety hazard in the workplace, according to the U.S. Office of Compliance, which states that 400 employees were unable to work for 31 days or more due to electricity exposure injuries, 1,970 occupational injuries resulted from exposure to electricity and 154 fatalities occurred due to exposure to electricity in the workplace […]

A Look at the Essential Components of a Motion Control System

Motion control, a sub-field of automation, is widely used for production lines and in robotics and other equipment where it is necessary to precisely control the speed, acceleration, position and torque of individual axes of a machine. It’s important to note that motion control is actually a system made up of several essential components that […]

A Guide to Electrical Control Panels

If a product came from an automated assembly line, then an electrical control panel was involved in controlling it. This means anyone reading this has encountered a product made with the help of a control panel. An electrical control panel is a system of several electrical devices that control and monitor the mechanical functions of […]

UL 508 Compliant Control Panels

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JHFOSTER maintains an industry-leading, in-house UL 508A certified control panel shop to help our clients meet all their electrical control panel needs. A top-functioning control panel can make the difference between inefficient and efficient mechanical processes. Control panels are most often used to simplify production, ensure quality materials, and facilitate accurate machining. They also improve […]