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Using ISO 8573-1:2010 to Ensure Compressed Air Purity Levels

Often called “the fourth utility,” compressed air systems are used throughout the manufacturing industry and serve many functions within a facility. They drive pneumatic equipment used on items such as conveyors that move product from place to place; run tools, machines and other equipment essential to production and power packaging systems that keep finished product […]

The Different Levels of Air Purity and the Processes that Require Them

Air Purity HVAC system

According to the World Health Organization, poor air quality kills an estimated seven million people globally each year. If you needed a single statistic to help underline why air purity is critically important, let it be that one. Poor air quality is everywhere – from smoke or carbon monoxide in homes to the smog that […]

What Is The Most Vulnerable Point of a Purification System?

Compressed air system.

The Most Vulnerable Point of a Purification System is in Condensation. You Need a Condensate Drain if You Want Clean Air. Where there is compressed air, there is water. The moisture that drops out of airflow is known as condensation. Therefore, condensation threatens your compressed air system and leads to expensive problems. To keep water, dirt, wear […]

Why Should You Focus on Your ISO Specs?

Complicated air compressor system with yellow and red pipes.

Depending on what your industry’s goal is, it’s important to use ISO standards in your facility. We know the world’s largest creator and publisher of international standards as ISO (International Standards Organization). The standard has nine separate parts relating to the quality (or purity) of compressed air. In 1991, ISO created the 8573 compressed air […]