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What Should I Expect During an Air Energy Audit?

Compressed air systems are a necessity in most industrial facilities as they power many machines, tools and processes; however, they are notorious for consuming significant amounts of energy. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says that as much as 10% of all electricity generated in the United States is used by […]

New Air Compressor Monitoring Technologies Provide Cost Savings

Possibly the hardest working piece of equipment in the facility, air compressors power the tools and processes necessary to keep production up and running. They do, however, require regular maintenance to ensure productivity and efficiency. Historically, service was conducted according to a preventive maintenance schedule (whether service was truly needed or not) or reactively following […]

Six Ways to Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Pneumatic System

With a global focus on sustainability, resourceful manufacturers are finding inventive ways to slash their carbon footprint and, at the same time, their electric bills. Unfortunately, pneumatic systems, which provide the compressed air to drive machine tools, painting booths, material handling equipment and other machinery throughout the manufacturing industry, are often overlooked in efficiency efforts […]

Regularly Performing Compressed Air Energy Audits Can Boost the Bottom Line

A focus on sustainability coupled with the rising cost of electricity has made energy efficiency a top priority for industry. Unfortunately, improperly designed and maintained compressed air systems can be major energy hogs. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge found that in a typical industrial facility, approximately 10% […]

Things to Check Before You Replace Your Air Compressor

Air compressors power many types of machines and processes in industrial operations, and many other industries. This is why any downtime related to equipment failure can adversely affect productivity, reliability, and the company’s bottom line. While you can do many precautions to prevent this, it’s also inevitable. No matter how good maintenance is, any piece […]

How To Determine the Cost of Compressed Air at Your Facility

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Compressed air systems are a valuable resource for many businesses and industrial facilities. According to the United States Department of Energy, about 10% of electricity consumption is allocated to generating compressed air alone. Some facilities even go as high as 30% or more. It’s not surprising since compressed air is a useful on-site generated utility. […]

Why You Need an Air Energy Audit on Your Compressed Air System

Compressed air systems consume a surprising amount of energy. In fact, compressed air systems consume 10 to 15 percent of a company’s total energy bill on average. According to Quincy Compressor, “One horsepower of compressed air requires eight horsepower of electricity. With many air compressors running at efficiencies as low as 10%, there’s often plenty […]

Why and How To Perform A Vacuum Audit

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Vacuum holds material in place, gathers up solids and liquids, provides transport, and keeps chambers and enclosures free from gases that would affect process performance. It’s essential in many production operations and a system that’s performing badly will impact costs and quality. Regular vacuum audits provide insight into how a system is running and identify […]

How To Use A CFM Calculator

CFM - cubic feet per minute

Whether you use a calculator every day or you haven’t used one since high school, it’s probably a safe bet that you’d still be fairly comfortable using the device if you had to. If you’re ever in the market for an air compressor for your industrial facility, it would certainly qualify as a time when […]

How to Make Your Air Compressor Systems More Efficient

Improve Performance

Anything you can do to make appliances run more efficiently is going to save you money in the long run. A well-running vehicle will get you more miles per gallon, saving you money at the gas pump. And an efficient HVAC unit will do more than just effectively cool and heat your property, but do […]