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Use Control (Wet) Storage for an Efficient Compressed Air System

control storage

When evaluating a compressed air system and the proper use of storage, many people misunderstand control storage. Many people refer to control storage as wet, or primary storage. However, the term control storage is more reflective of its main function – to maximize the operation of the compressor control. For the purpose of this post, […]

How To Improve Efficiency Using Compressed Air Storage

compressed air storage

With today’s ever-increasing focus on improving manufacturing efficiency and reliability, all aspects of the manufacturing process should be examined. Energy audits of manufacturing plants have shown that compressed air systems are often not the most efficient systems. However, increasing efficiency in one area of a compressed air system can improve your energy bill: compressed air […]

Use Demand (Dry) Storage for an Efficient Compressed Air System

demand storage

This post will focus on a type of supply-side storage: demand (dry) storage. Before diving in, remember that you should consider control and demand storage as separate storage solutions based on their purpose. When using control (wet) storage in your system, the main goal should be improving the efficiency of the compressor controls. Other issues […]