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What are the Advantages of Oil-Free Air Compressors?

Oil-Free Air Compressors either have no mechanical contact inside the compression chamber or use alternate materials to protect the mechanism without lubrication.  Many Oil-Free Air Compressors use materials such as water or a Teflon coating to keep the mechanism running smoothly. Some Oil-Free Air Compressors do contain oil. Oil will not be in contact with the compression chamber. […]

How to Tell When Your Compressed Air System Needs New Filters

The air filter for compressor.

If you are using clean air, it will increase the longevity of your pneumatic tools.  Millions of foreign particles could contaminate the control valves if air passes through your Air Compressor unfiltered. The protective seals may be damaged which could lead to premature wear or equipment failure.  Most of the particles contaminating the air are […]

How Can I Tell if My Air Compressor is Overheating? How Can I Prevent it?

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Air Compressor systems bring efficient operation times and cost savings. Compressed air acts as an energy source for machinery and tools. In industrial systems, compressed air works to transfer energy in facility processes.   Industrial compressed air systems provide pressurized air throughout facilities. Pressurized air operates automated valves, dust collectors, divertors and instruments, among other uses.  […]

Maximizing Air Compressor Efficiency Improves the Bottom Line

Industrial Air Compressor System in boiler room

Because compressed air is widely used in industrial facilities, improving air compressor efficiency can create a competitive advantage as it will not only generate cost savings that will boost the bottom line, but it can also help your facility improve quality and achieve sustainability goals. While U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) statistics show that compressed […]

Optimizing Your Air Compression System Reduces Costs 

Industrial Air Compressor

Operating an air compression system consumes a significant amount of energy, so any improvements in efficiency will result in a better bottom line. For this reason, it is beneficial to evaluate and maintain your air system on a regular basis. In addition to ensuring that your air compression system uses less energy, regular evaluations and […]

Air Compressor Maintenance Boosts Energy Efficiency

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Air compressors are hard-working fixtures in most industrial facilities, yet they are often neglected when it comes to routine maintenance. This can be a costly mistake! Not only does regular maintenance improve performance, but it also promotes energy efficiency. While statistics show that power consumption accounts for about 70% of an air compressor’s cost over […]

Preventive Maintenance Prolongs the Life of Oil-Free Compressors

One of the reasons manufacturers are turning to oil-free air compressors is that they require minimal maintenance; however, it’s important to remember that they are not entirely maintenance-free. As a matter of fact, preventive maintenance on oil-free air compressors is necessary to ensure that the unit remains operational for years to come. Here, we suggest […]

New Air Compressor Monitoring Technologies Provide Cost Savings

Possibly the hardest working piece of equipment in the facility, air compressors power the tools and processes necessary to keep production up and running. They do, however, require regular maintenance to ensure productivity and efficiency. Historically, service was conducted according to a preventive maintenance schedule (whether service was truly needed or not) or reactively following […]

Common Compressed Air Service Questions, Answered

We’ve all been there…the heart of your air system and possibly your facility – the air compressor – is acting strange and you aren’t sure why. Possibly it’s losing pressure or perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s running more often than usual. Unexpected breakdowns and issues can wreak havoc on operations and production, so it’s best […]

OEM Air Compressor Replacement Parts Provide Long-Term Benefits

Whether you simply need to change an inlet filter or an oil filter or you’ve had a mechanical failure and need a replacement part for your air compressor, you not only want to obtain the part quickly, but you want it to meet the performance level of the original so you can get back to […]