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A Brief Guide on Troubleshooting Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are used to convert the energy from pressurized air into rotary and linear motion. With exceptional motion control, it guarantees the precision needed in automation. They are used in many industries, such as automotive, food processing, and manufacturing because of their many benefits. They are used in many industries, such as automotive, food […]

Ideal Applications For Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic automation system

Pneumatic actuators are used in many industries utilizing automation systems such as manufacturing, packaging, food and beverage, and automation. These actuators that draw their power from compressed air come in a wide array of sizes and configurations operating at high speeds while offering flexibility. In addition, pneumatic actuators offer both rotational and linear movement allowing […]

The Dangers of Dysfunctional Actuators

Actuators help streamline manufacturing processes while lowering production costs. However, issues and defects in these components can jeopardize the entire production line and result in severe downtime. In manufacturing, downtime can translate to significant financial losses. It is estimated that downtime causes every factory to lose at least 5% of productivity, with some factories losing […]

Where Are Linear Actuators Used?

The concept of a linear actuator is a simple one. A linear actuator develops motion in a straight line. This automation technology allows for a great deal of reliability, speed, and efficiency. Linear actuators can come in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic varieties, although electric adaptations are becoming increasingly common. The reason behind this shift is […]

Save Energy with Pneumatic Actuators

Many leaders in the manufacturing industry know that pneumatic systems consume plentiful energy. Often, those in this particular industry (and many other industries at that) are trying to determine how less energy can be consumed by the various applications that are running throughout a production facility. Naturally, managers turn their attention to applications using pneumatic […]

How To Choose the Right Pneumatic Actuator for Your Application

Pneumatic actuators (also referred to as pneumatic cylinders) are efficient automation technologies that are used for applications requiring linear motion. They are fundamental for many applications within industrial settings but are used widespread in many other industries utilizing automation machinery, notably material handling applications that need to transfer, pick, place, clamp, or index. Not only […]

Electric Actuators vs Pneumatic Actuators

Ball screw for transferring the caliper into motion and feeding

As you know, actuators are “movers” that play a key role when it comes to moving and controlling mechanisms in various industrial applications, including conveyors. Actuators work by drawing energy from some sort of source, and, as you might imagine, there are various types of actuators that typically differ based on where they derive their […]

What are the Types of Actuators

Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

If there’s a piece of machinery operating within your industrial environment, then there’s a good chance that an actuator is working behind the scenes to help it do what it needs to be doing. But contrary to what you may think, there’s more than just one type of actuator – and the actuator that you […]

Motors vs. Actuators for Industrial Systems

high precision ball screw actuator

Motors and actuators and industrial equipment, oh my! When it comes to making your industrial equipment tick, there are a variety of components that can help do the trick. Motors and actuators are some of the ones that play a significant role in such operations, notably when it comes to material handling equipment. Motors and […]

How to Select the Best Mounting Configuration for Pneumatic Cylinders: Considerations for Optimum Performance

Pneumatic cylinder Automation

By Vitor Rangel, Product Marketing Specialist, Actuators, from Emerson If you have chosen a pneumatic actuator properly sized for your application, now it’s time to decide how you are going to mount it. Selecting the best mounting configuration for your cylinder application is a critical design consideration to ensure optimum performance and maximize cylinder life […]