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Troubleshooting Common Pneumatic Control Valve Issues

As part of a pneumatic system, pneumatic control valves play the important role of controlling the flow of gases within the system; therefore, minor issues with control valves can have a significant impact on the operation of the overall system. When pneumatic control valves malfunction it can cause upsets that slow down or stop the […]

Preventing Pressure Spikes in Pressure Transducers

Most often used to measure pressure in fluid power applications, pressure transducers are usually specified with an allowance for over-pressurization and can operate trouble-free in a fluid power system that experiences mild pressure spikes from time to time. However, in some instances, pressure events will exceed normal operating pressure limits, causing a permanent shift in […]

What are Three Different Types of Pneumatic Valves? 

Traits of Pneumatic Valve/Directional Control Valves  Spool arrangement  A common type of directional control valve that has a spool design. It can be shifted to two, three or more positions to route the air between inlet and outlet ports. Spool valves are used when controlling actuators. As a single valve, spool valves can control extension, retraction and neutrality […]

Regular Maintenance Ensures Functional and Efficient Pneumatic Systems

While pneumatic systems are often selected because they have a reputation for providing high reliability in tough industrial applications, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require a little TLC now and then. As a matter of fact, creating and adhering to a schedule of regular inspection and maintenance activities will ensure that your pneumatic systems […]

Pneumatic Valves Provide Cost-Effective Benefits

Pneumatic systems are used in industrial applications to power tools and processes and as a power transmission method to move parts and tooling within industrial machinery. Many different components are used to control the rate, pressure and amount of air that moves through these pneumatic systems and pneumatic valves are one of the most vital […]

There is a Pneumatic Flow Control Solution for Every Application

As many industrial applications rely on pneumatics to operate tools, machinery and processes, it’s important to understand how to precisely control pneumatic flow; however, the best way to achieve precise flow depends upon the application and its complexity. Finding the sweet spot of flow control in pneumatic systems is worth the effort as it will […]

Understanding the Difference Between Pressure and Flow Control

Pneumatic systems are a commonly used and cost-effective means of delivering power and energy to tools, instrumentation and industrial processes. All pneumatic systems rely on both pressure and flow to operate. While there is a difference between pressure control and flow control, they are closely related and adjusting one will impact the other. Here, we […]

Simple Adjustments Can Boost the Efficiency of Your Air System

As a proven way to drive tools, equipment and processes, industrial air systems are widely used throughout the manufacturing industry. The downside to these powerful air systems is that they are notoriously inefficient and can be expensive to operate. Fortunately, efficiency and control improvements are available to correct many of the issues that lead to […]

Why Replace a Valve System with a Manifold?

As the number of valves in a pneumatic system grows, flow paths can begin to look like a plate of spaghetti. Aesthetics aside, these sprawling flow paths often increase the overall size of the valve system, lengthen response times and lead to leaks. For these reasons, it can be beneficial to replace space-hogging valve systems […]

Pulsed Air-Piloted Valves or Direct-Acting? When OEMs Only Go With What They Know, They May Be Missing Out

By Tom Voth, product marketing manager: pneumatic machine safety and electronic proportional valves, Emerson OEMs are always seeking solutions that reduce machine complexities and minimize operator intervention, and proportional valves are one of many important technologies involved in achieving these design goals. Though several proportional valve designs exist, pulsed air-piloted and direct-acting are the most […]