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Hydraulic to Electric Actuator: Discussing The Basics

As globalization fosters more competition, manufacturers are finding ways to stay ahead by transforming many of their core processes. This includes converting from hydraulic systems to electrical ones. Both hydraulic cylinders and electric actuators provide many benefits for many linear motion applications. Hydraulics offer high force at affordable costs, while electric actuators boast the same […]

What are the Types of Actuators

Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

If there’s a piece of machinery operating within your industrial environment, then there’s a good chance that an actuator is working behind the scenes to help it do what it needs to be doing. But contrary to what you may think, there’s more than just one type of actuator – and the actuator that you […]

Motors vs. Actuators for Industrial Systems

high precision ball screw actuator

Motors and actuators and industrial equipment, oh my! When it comes to making your industrial equipment tick, there are a variety of components that can help do the trick. Motors and actuators are some of the ones that play a significant role in such operations, notably when it comes to material handling equipment. Motors and […]

Pneumatic Actuators vs Hydraulic Actuators

Pneumatic input to robot handle grip handle

If you have any sort of a mechanized process involved in your operations, then there’s a good chance that actuators are the components that are helping said processes tick. Simply put, actuators convert energy into motion, helping machinery work the way it’s intended to work. Think of mechanical acts such as lifting, clamping and ejecting […]

Electric Actuators vs. Hydraulic Actuators

Electric automation

In the world of industrial automation, one of the most critical components of any system is also the one people just don’t think too much about – the actuator. It’s the element of a system that is responsible for moving and controlling a system – usually some type of industrial robot or automated arm of […]

Building Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic System Connections

At a glance, hydraulic motion circuits can closely resemble pneumatic versions. Both utilize fluid power sources, actuators, and control valves, but hydraulic systems vary quite a bit from pneumatics, and not just through the fluids they use to generate motion. Like the applications they’re used in, hydraulic systems can vary greatly, but they will almost […]

How Do Electric Actuators Compare To Other Types (Price & Performance)

electric actuator application in the food industry

How exactly does an electric actuator compare to other types of actuators? Many people believe that pneumatic actuators are simply cheaper, so that is the best option for their application. In some cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Electric actuators are more efficient in some cases. This means the actuator performs better and […]

What Is Hydraulic Motion?

Hydraulic motion is a trusted standby technology in the mechanical world. From lifting transit vehicles to operating mining equipment, hydraulics provide the necessary power to drive heavy duty applications worldwide. But what makes hydraulic motion possible? How does it work, and how is it so robust compared to other power sources? Fluid Pressure Like pneumatics, […]