5 Industries that Could Benefit the Most from Automation

Automation is here to stay and make production faster and processes more efficient for all. While its impact is widespread across a variety of industries, there are a few that will experience incredible growth from effective automation integration and the proper implementation of all equipment and parts.

These industries are evolving rapidly thanks to the introduction of new automation tactics. This increase in accuracy is well suited for the fast-paced environments of a hospital or mining operation, but it can also help maximize manufacturing processes. The sky is the limit with successful automation, so here are a few examples that highlight the most important use-case scenarios.

1. Packaging Industry

Have you ever wondered how you could increase packaging capacity? Well, the best way to do just that is to automate. An easy clue that you need to begin automating your packaging is when employees can’t seem to keep up with the process all on their own!

Many types of automation technology can help you automate your packaging applications including robotic automation. Robotic arms are ideal for automating your packaging applications due to their high payload capacity and freedom of movement.

2. Food & Beverage

Automation can be used for so many tasks within the food and beverage industry. From running conveyors to using robotics to pick and place packaged foods, automation can perform nearly any task.

The food and beverage industry is especially well known for having redundant tasks that put a strain on employee health. Therefore, utilizing automation in the industry can protect employees and increase efficiency. Even better, automation can increase food production which means your business can help meet the growing demand for food.

3. Maximizing Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing may seem like the biggest industry benefiting from automation and while that is true, it’s important to understand the many implementations and use-cases.  For example, this technology has enabled agriculture production to speed up supply in order to meet the growing demand and fast-paced consumption of products, but at what cost? Energy reduction is a big reason behind industry adoption of automation.

beverage industry automation

Automation doesn’t just cover menial tasks that most employees find boring or dangerous. These new processes have allowed assembly lines to save money and streamline operations without having to rely on human power for the most basic operations like flipping a light switch. There are countless electrical automation products that continue to help optimize production and ramp up sales.

4. Mining for More

Once reliant on manpower, the mining industry has quickly adopted technological advances and the development of new equipment. Automation is used to create safer and clear environments inside of a mine without the use of manpower.

mining industry automation

It doesn’t stop there, standard and custom enclosures, power supplies and even emergency stop scan be programmed to help navigate through difficult conditions that rely on split second interactions. One of the ultimate goals of improving mining techniques using automation is to create safe work environments for miners by eliminating guesswork.

5. Other Notables

These are not the only industries that have experienced a revolution through this technology. Being able to optimize energy usage can lead to less time spent course correcting. Energy optimization is used across many industries and application use cases.

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There are big advances on the horizon that will only accelerate the use of automation and other techniques to handle predefined conditions and predict others.

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