4 Industries that Could Benefit the Most from Robotics

According to the International Federation of Robotics, the United States is the leading user of industrial robots in the Americas, with approximately 293,200 robots currently in operation over a wide range of industries.  However, robots have not just reached American companies. The adoption of human-robot collaboration is on the rise with nearly 2.7 million robots operating in factories globally.

Wondering which industries have made the most of this robotic approach? While we only think of robots as being large claws used in distribution settings, such as at Amazon, they are leveraged in a variety of ways and often used alongside people. Their use has created collaborative environments where efficiency is improved and production times are reduced, allowing manpower to be focused on less redundant tasks and on more productive approaches.  Let us discuss some of the ways that robotic technology has transformed these industries as it has replaced and created new opportunities and tasks.

1. Transportation

When people think of transportation and robots, they usually think of artificial intelligence and automation, however the use of Industrial SCARA 6- and 4-axis robots, dual arm SCARA robots and other accessories have streamlined the ability to transport goods in a faster, more efficient manner.

One prime example is that of the Staubli and Kawasaki SCARA six-axis articulated robots. These robot arms have the dexterity to handle constant changes in product design and process. The six-axis robot offers more flexibility and speed. While they cannot handle constant change, they’re commonly used for assembly, pick and place and packaging applications.

This is just one of many examples of how robots are being used to help; they won’t stop quickly making their way into the logistic and transportation sector as new products roll out in the upcoming years.

2. Agriculture & Manufacturing

Agriculture has seen huge advances in productivity through the increased use of robots and other robotic technology. From the tractors used on farms to the tools used by harvesters, robotic accessories such as OnRobot can be used in pick and place, packaging and palletizing solutions. From raw material handling to fully packaged products, robots can help speed up agricultural tasks and production while maintaining quality standards consistently.

3. Manufacturing

On a manufacturing front, consumer demand for all types of products including technology could not be met without the help of our robot friends. Increasing productivity with pneumatic and electric grippers is probably the most common use-case scenario, but robot stands and mobile work stands are used to set up “cobots” in factories where it’s difficult to work due to limited floor space. Cutting costs and increasing task-to-task variability are two additional major improvements that have come from this robot revolution.

4. Packaging

Cobots are often used for packaging tasks due to their safety features and their freedom of movement. Cobots can move similarly to their human counterparts, while never tiring and receiving injury from repetitive motion.

Even better, cobots have quite the payload and can be placed in roles that are dangerous for human co-workers. This means your staff can get back to tasks that are better suited for humans while cobots handle the boring, repetitive tasks.

What’s Next for Robots?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to robotics and their accessories. While many believe robots are here to replace traditional jobs, it is important to note that although 7-million manufacturing jobs have been lost to robots over the past year, an additional 53-million jobs have been created with roles such as robotics technicians and more. Robots can help free us from cumbersome and overwhelming tasks, but helping your business adapt to new technology is necessary to remain competitive.

If they have not arrived in your industry yet, expect to see them soon. Our robotics teams at JHFOSTER can help you determine your existing potential to help you identify robotic applications that could help with cost savings and increased efficiencies.

JHFOSTER: Your Robotics Experts

Ready for your first robotic system? Or is this just a companion to your existing fleet of cobots? JHFOSTER can help you determine where to start or supply you with additional systems configured specifically for your business.

Reach out to JHFOSTER today to schedule a robotics evaluation. The future is here, and it’s time to consider where you could use some ideas to work smarter with the help of robotics.