How Often Should Industrial Air Compressor Filters Be Replaced?

An air compressor filter keeps debris and other contaminants from reaching the rest of the system. This keeps compressed air clean and also prevents damage to your compressed air system caused by the contaminants. This means more efficiency for you and a decreased chance of expensive shutdown.

Replacing your filter on time prevents your filtration system from malfunctioning. A malfunction can lead to contaminated product, parts or system damage, and even worse, system shutdown. Keeping your filter replacement on a schedule will prevent all of this!

Find out how often to replace your filter below!

How Do Air Compressor Filters Work?

Air compressor filters basically act as a strainer. They remove contaminants and prevent them from moving further into the system. Regardless of whether the contaminants are liquid or solid.

The following parts make up an air compressor filter and make the filtration process possible:

  • Inlet
  • Filter cap
  • Air path
  • Filter discharge
  • Filter element
  • Filter bowl
  • Filter quiet zone
  • Drain
Particulate filter by Arrow Pneumatics.

When To Replace Your Air Compressor Filter

You will know that your filter or filter element needs replacing if you notice any of these issues:

  • Your filter has shown enough wear to have reached the end of its life.
  • The filter is cracked or otherwise damaged in some way.
  • Some filters have indicators that let you know the pressure drop across the filter has increased and the element should be replaced.

Generally, a compressor filter element will have reached the end of its life after 8,000 hours of use.

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