Quincy Scroll Air Compressor and System.

Find out how much your air compressor is costing you with our Air Compressor Energy Consumption Calculator.

Understanding the cost of your air compressor is the first step to understanding what changes you can take to make smarter energy decisions and save money. We created the Air Compressor Energy Consumption Calculator to help you understand what your air compressor is costing you.

Air compressors consume very different amounts of energy depending on the type of machine, the application it’s used for, and how often the air compressor is run. Compressor motors are not always in constant use, but are turned on and off based on need. Many factors make up the cost of an air compressor however, the largest cost is the price of the energy your unit consumes while operating. How much is your air compressor costing you?

You can use the Air Compressor Energy Consumption Calculator below to understand what your cost of operating your unit really is. If you’d like to calculate the CFM needed for your application, you can use our Air System CFM Calculator. Contact us and discover how we can help find the right compressed air engineering solutions for you.

This calculator is meant only as a guide. Site visits and evaluations are still recommended to ensure the proper compressor package is quoted for the application.

JHFoster specializes in designing and installing complete compressed air systems. Each of our systems are uniquely created to fit your company and application. From air compressor filters to vacuum systems, we can help you. Contact us to have your questions answered.

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