Air Compressor Energy Consumption Calculator

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To find out how much your air compressor is costing you please contact an Account Manager

Understanding the cost of your air compressor is the first step to finding changes you can make to save money. In addition, understanding the cost of your air compressor helps you make smarter energy decisions. We created the Air Compressor Energy Consumption Calculator to help you understand what your air compressor is costing you.

Air compressors take in very different amounts of energy depending on the type of machine, the application it’s used for, and how often the air compressor is run. While not always in use, compressor motors are turned on and off based on customer need. Many factors make up the cost of an air compressor. However, the price of the energy your unit uses is the largest cost of your unit. How much is your air compressor costing you?

Use the Air Compressor Energy Consumption Calculator below to understand what the cost of running your unit really is. If you’d like to calculate the CFM needed for your application, use our Air System CFM Calculator. Contact us and find out how we help customers find the right compressed air engineering solutions.



While the calculator is a good starting point, this calculator is meant only as a guide. Site visits and audits are still recommended to ensure the proper compressor package is quoted for the application.

JHFOSTER designs and installs complete compressed air systems. Also, we create each of our unique systems to fit your company and application. From air compressor filters to vacuum systems, we help you meet your goals.

To better assist you, JHFOSTER has a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) excited to speak with. Our CEM identifies areas where you could be saving money regardless of the type of facility, building or plant you are in. Contact us to have your questions answered.

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