Five Reasons to Work at JHFOSTER

JHFOSTER is guided by Our Values. Each of these values dictate the intentions we lead our days with. Most importantly, they also surround our ways of thinking, parallel our growth efforts, and help us to show integrity in our actions. In addition, they help us to build our relationships within the JHFOSTER team. We focus on honesty and trustworthiness, being easy to do business with, innovation, a passion for excellence, and a belief in people. These values are the Five Reasons to Work at JHFOSTER. Find out more below. 

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Five Reasons to Work at JHFOSTER

JHFOSTER team poses while they donate food to a local pantry that supports the Eagan community.

Belief in People

JHFOSTER believes in people. JHFOSTER dedicates itself to supporting a healthy and robust environment for not only employees but also for community members. Healthy environments lead to growth and skill building for everyone involved–from employees to customers and community members. 

Be Part of Innovation

Innovation is critical to the continued success of any company. JHFOSTER places a high emphasis on innovation and transformation. We take an active role in looking at how the future fits into everyday business because this aligns with our approach of continually looking to make big things happen.

Successful business people making a star

Belief in High Values

JHFOSTER delivers a foundation based on high adherence to values and also integrity. Therefore, our key values include honesty and trustworthiness, deliverance of exceptional customer service, innovation, a passion for excellence and a belief in all people we come into contact with or work closely with.

Engineer maps out a blueprint for an automation project.

Passion for Excellence

JHFOSTER believes in excellence because the principle of excellence allows us to help others realize their potential growth through innovation. In addition, we provide high changes in efficiencies so that our customers can live up to their true potential and focus on the growth of their business. 

Customer Focus

We believe in exceptional customer service. For over 80 years, we have been a customer-focused company.  Responsiveness, commitment and exceptionalism allows us to serve our customers with timely and productive interaction because bettering others betters ourselves.