chemical industry

Chemical Industry

The focus of the chemical industry is to take raw materials and turn them into a variety of products. Many of these products include packaging, transportation, appliances, fertilizers, and other products that we use each and every day. JHFoster assists the Chemical Industry in converting these chemicals to products.

Converting raw materials into products is a costly business. Interest in lowering productions costs is at an all-time high for most companies in the industry. Even more, ensuring safety and reliability is a difficult endeavor. As a result, we created solutions that are dedicated to increasing efficiency, reliability, and safety within your company through the use of automation, robotic and compressed air solutions.

Why Automate the Chemical Industry?

It’s no secret that the commissioning process is a hard and long one for the Chemical Industry. This is due in part to the strict environment requirements that must be met during this commissioning process. Utilizing automation, you can both adhere to these requirements while reducing cost and increasing efficient of systems. Even more, by automating, you will receive the benefit of eliminating human error from production. In addition, robotic automation can help you accomplish any repetitive tasks that are taking up your valuable employees’ time. From pick and place to machine tending, our robots can free up your employees’ hands for more important things.

chemical industry

How Does Compressed Air Help the Industry?

Compressors are used for a variety of uses. Compressed air can be used for:

  • Operating pumps or mixers
  • Aeration
  • Transporting product
  • Speeding up batch unloading from trucks and railcars
  • Switching valves
  • Processes that create flammable gases in place of electrical components

The most important part of using compressed air in chemical industry processes is ensuring that you use the right compressor. The potential for compressed air systems to waste energy is quite large. If your system isn’t checked for leaks, you will spend far more in energy costs than you really need to. Even more, if you are using a compressor more powerful than you need to, you will see far too large of a spike in your energy bill.

Our compressed air and automation specialists are ready to identify the system that fits directly into your needs. To speak to a specialist, simply email us or call.