Importance of Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Climate control air compressors and pneumatic climate control systems are designed for high performance, longer life and efficient operation. Maintaining temperature control with these systems is important to the energy efficiency and well-being of your employees, students or patients in your office building, school or hospital. With all high-powered precision equipment, it is important to have regularly scheduled service and maintenance to insure your compressors and control systems are maintaining their high performance level, long life and trouble-free operations.


Keeping and maintaining climate control air compressor and pneumatic climate control systems allows for your equipment to run at its peak performance at all times while helping to eliminate downtime which can be costly to your business. JHF can provide technical service, on-site inventory, replacement pumps, and parts for climate control air compressors and pneumatic climate control systems for all our climate control customers. While we offer compressor parts, service and products for any type of climate control compressor, JHF specializes in providing parts, service and products for the following:

  • Quincy air compressors
  • Zeks refrigerated dryers
  • Dominick Hunter filter systems

If you require service or maintenance for your climate control air compressor or pneumatic climate control systems, John Henry Foster’s trained and knowledgeable technicians are available 24/7 to support your needs.

Contact our team of Service Advisors and Mobile Service Technicians if you require service or maintenance. They will help troubleshoot any climate control issues and will schedule maintenance on your compressors. You can also email our service and maintenance department or call them at 651.452.8452 for questions regarding your climate control air compressor and/or pneumatic climate control system. Call Cheryl in Compressor Parts to order climate equipment parts at 651.681.5739 or

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