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Fill the Gap! JHFOSTER wants to make it easier than ever to increase your production capacity. Hire our robots! Our rental cobots are easy to program, fast to set up and flexible. They can begin maximizing your production potential nearly immediately.


Robots, whether industrial or collaborative, are ultimately an investment. There is an upfront cost associated with these robotic coworkers. However, robots can provide you with a large payback in the long-run through lowered labor costs and increased productivity. 

Rental cobots can provide you with a short-term solution, but buying a robot outright will provide you with years worth of labor with ROI being met in as short as one year!

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We offer 3 solutions so you can deploy your robot immediately.  How can you do this?

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JHFOSTER’s goal of providing innovative and state-of-the-art products continues to expand. We noticed our customers struggling to reach production and efficiency goals. We added Techman Robots, along with  the ability to finance a range of industrial robots. Our team of experts are positioned to support your productivity and efficiency needs with these versatile products.  Please contact us today at 651.452.8452, fill out the form above or email us to learn more about this or any of our product offerings.