Air filters show example of the air filters offered by JHFoster.

John Henry Foster has been a long-time expert in compressed air systems. As such, we also offer a range of industrial air filter options to further ensure the purity of compressed air. They work well together with our wide variety of industrial air compressors.

The Applications of Air Compressor Intake Filters

Different processes in different sectors require different levels of air purity. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with aiming to achieve the cleanest air possible, in some cases, it may be an unnecessary step that takes up more time and resources.

To avoid this, it’s important to establish from the beginning the level of air purity and its required compressed air filtration for the application at hand.

For applications that need OSHA approval, for example, a charcoal activated filter may be required to remove oil vapors.

Generally, air filters are used to remove dry particulates, aerosols, and vapors from the compressed air before its industrial use.

The Air Compressor Filters We Offer

The following are our options for industrial air filters. They have particular uses for certain applications. Give us a call for further clarification of their uses and their specifications.

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