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John Henry Foster is a leading distributor and service provider for industrial oil-free and oil-less air compressors. In an oil-free compressor, the air is compressed entirely through the action of the screws, without the assistance of an oil seal. In an oil-less air compressor, no oil is present in or on the compressor. These compressors are commonly used in food processing and packaging applications, manufacturing of electronics and medical devices, and healthcare. Calculate the CFM of your air system here. Contact us today at 800.582.5162 or email for more details and ordering information on oil-free air compressors.

Our extensive line of oil-free and oil-less air compressors are listed below.

Gardner Denver (CompAir): Water-sealed: 20 HP – 150 HP, Rotary screw: 100 HP – 400 HP, Reciprocating: 3/4 HP – 15 HP, Scroll: 2 HP – 40 HP

Kobelco: Rotary screw: 20 HP – 500 HP

Powerex: Super quiet scroll and reciprocating: 3 HP – 40 HP

Quincy: Scroll: 2 HP – 30 HP

Thomas: Diaphragm, rotary vane, linear, articulating piston, WOB-L piston

Gardner Denver air compressor system offered by JHFoster.