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Selecting the right fittings for your project is as important as selecting the right air compressor for your application. You will want to focus on selecting the right type, size and chemical compatibility. If you select the wrong fitting for your system, you may experience issues such as leakage. These issues will cost you money and time to fix.

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Bimba | PneumadyneBarbed, threaded, electroless nickel, brass and stainless steel

Emerson | ASCO Numatics: Push-In tube fittings, nickel plated brass, and World Thread fittings

Emerson | AVENTICS: Push-in fittings (polymer and nickel plated brass)

Freelin-WadeRe-coil assemblies and fittings

Midland MetalBrass pipe fittings, compression fittings 

PiscoPush-in tube fittings

PolyconnPush-to-connect tube fittings

ZSi-Foster, Inc.: Quick disconnect fittings

Midland Metal brass fittings pictured.