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During the current times, many stores, offices, and production areas are opting for sneeze guard technology to protect all employees from infection. As governors across the nation begin opening various businesses, the contagious factor of COVID-19 doesn’t completely vanish. In addition from protecting employees from each other, the protective barriers can protect employees from customers, as well as, customers from employees. Manufacturers use plastic and plexiglass to create the guards.

JHFOSTER has seen our customers’ needs for these protective measures, so we created protected barriers with sturdy aluminum framing. Find out how to customize these sneeze guards for your industry and location, as well as, the benefits of using aluminum framing with your screens below.

Even more, we have a sizing chart to help you along your process if you’d rather go with a standard guard!

Types of Sneeze Guards Offered by JHFOSTER

Portable Guards

With the help of 80/20 Aluminum Framing and plexiglass, JHFOSTER can create protective barriers that can be moved around easily to whatever work areas in which the barrier is needed. Even more, if you intend to store these structures in the future, simply disassemble the guard.

Mounted Sneeze Guards

Mounted guards can be constructed in much the same way. Using aluminum framing and plexiglass, a screen is made, then mounted onto a surface. Mounted guards are great for areas where customers will need to reach through a gap in order to pickup or purchase goods.

Permanent Guards

Permanent guards are useful for situations in which you can see guards being helpful past these unprecedented times. Many times, permanent guards are helpful in food serving businesses. Aluminum framing and plexiglass is again used to create a guard, then mounted permanently using heat to a metal surface.

Benefits of 80/20 Aluminum Framing

Engineers assemble and re-assemble 80/20 Aluminum Framing to fit your specific needs. If you find that your current screening set-up isn’t quite right, JHFOSTER molds and shifts the protective barriers to your requirements. As a result, your sneeze guard adapts to all the different uses you need it for as the pandemic evolves.

Our design engineers perform evaluations to identify what setups will work best for your space. JHFOSTER engineers tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, our engineers focus on building solutions to fit the equipment you already have to maximize safety and health. Our solutions are strong and able to withstand a lifetime of use.

View our pdf below to view more information on our sneeze guards!

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