Receive Free Hot Water with Thermotech’s Energy Recovery Compressors

What if we told you that you could be recovering much of the energy consumed by your air compressor? This probably sounds too good to be true. However, it’s not. With the use of heat recovery technology, you could be on your way to recovering well over 80% of the energy your compressor spends.

Your air compressor converts the electrical energy it consumes into heat, and this heat is what is recoverable. Some larger compressor systems have heat recovery systems built in, however, if your compressor is missing one, adding a recovery system can save you in energy costs. Generally speaking, a heat recovery system works well with rotary screw compressors.

What Can I Do With a Heat Recovery System?

While there are many uses for recovered heat, there are two main ones that we’ll mention. Common uses of heat recovered from air compressors include space heating and water heating.

Space Heating

The recovered heat from your compressor can be used to heat facilities ranging from warehouses to docks. Rather than paying additional electricity charges to heat your company spaces, you could be using recovered heat that saves you on electricity charges.

Water Pre-heating

Businesses in the food and beverage industry often need to heat water at scale. Recovered heat from your compressor system can assist in pre-heating water in order to significantly cut down on the energy required by a boiler.

Thermotech Technology

Thermotech offers high quality and advanced energy and heat recovery systems. In fact, Thermotech heat recovery systems can recover between 50% to 90% of system produced heat. Think of all the energy costs saved!

One way that Thermotech heat recovery technology can be used is by using recovered heat in your food processing plant. For example, Thermotech technology assisted a customer in making spaghetti within a food processing plant.

In this plant, water was heated up to a boiling temperature, then cooked in large kettles. After quite some time, the water would accumulate starch and the water would have to be dumped down a drain and the kettle would require refilling with fresh water. As you can imagine, this was a time consuming and a very manual process.

However, a heat exchanger assisted in heating up the clean water as it went down the drain to heat clean water as it went into the kettle. The water was essentially heated from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit by the heat exchanger. The water was then only needed to be incrementally heated 50 additional degrees rather than a total of 152 degrees Fahrenheit.

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