What are the Advantages of Oil-Free Air Compressors?

Oil-Free Air Compressors either have no mechanical contact inside the compression chamber or use alternate materials to protect the mechanism without lubrication.  Many Oil-Free Air Compressors use materials such as water or a Teflon coating to keep the mechanism running smoothly. Some Oil-Free Air Compressors do contain oil. Oil will not be in contact with the compression chamber. The oil is only in the gearbox and some bearings. 

Do Oil-Free Air Compressors need to be lubricated? 

“Oil-Free” does not mean an Oil-Free Air Compressor runs without oil for lubrication. It means that no oil is introduced into the air compression chamber.  Achieving this means the screws, impellers, scrolls or piston need a different means of lubrication, cooling and sealing. 

What are some advantages of an Oil-Free Air Compressor versus an Oil-Injected Air Compressor?  

Lower maintenance Lower energy use Reduced costs 
Since no oil is used in the compression chamber, collecting or disposing of oily condensate is not required. Since its discharge air treatment filters are not filtering oil, they require less frequent replacement. In many cases, oil-free compressors can use less energy.  This is primarily because they do not need to increase force for oil circulation and filtration and can reach unloaded horsepower rapidly when using load/no load controls.It’s normal for oil injected rotary screw compressors to have some oil carryover so adding make-up oil between changes is required.  When it comes to oil changes, they usually require a significantly more expensive and greater volume of oil than oil-free compressors of the same size.
Improved air qualityLower noise levels Reduced carbon footprints. 
Oil-Free Air Compressors provide the best air quality possible, meaning there is a very low risk of contaminating your product or process with oil. Oil-Free Air Compressors typically operate more quietly than Oil-Injected Air Compressors  Oil-Free Air Compressors are more environmentally friendly than Oil-Injected Air Compressors. This is because Oil-Free Air Compressors do not release oil contaminants into the air. If you are using an air compressor for multiple projects per day and for extended periods of time, an Oil-Free Air Compressor could lessen your environmental impact dramatically.

 Oil-Free Air Compressors with gearboxes require periodic oil changes but use less oil and less costly oil than Oil-Injected Air Compressors.

In some industries, strict cleanliness standards must be met to ensure quality production. To ensure manufactured products are clean and safe, there cannot be any oil in the compressed air supply. If air quality and contaminant levels are important to your application, Oil-Free or Oil-Less Compressors can be a wise choice.  Some industries have sensitive applications and need to meet strict government standards and requirements.

In this regard, industries that could benefit from an Oil-Free Air Compressor include: 

● Robotics 

● Food and beverage 

● Automotive 

● Pharmaceutical

● Textiles 

● Plumbing 

● Aerospace 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with oil free compressor

What if I have questions regarding Oil-Free or Oil-Injected Air Compressors? 

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