Using OEM Industrial Air Compressor Parts for Manufacturing Efficiency

Industrial air compressors are one of the most used utilities in many manufacturing facilities. And, as with all hardworking equipment, wear and tear will occur and an air compressor maintenance service or repair will eventually become necessary. When it does, maintenance crews will have to make the choice between purchasing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or lower-cost third-party aftermarket air compressor parts.

In today’s competitive business climate where cutting costs is essential, the lowest-cost choice may seem like the logical one; however, it is likely not the best option when the long-term ramifications are considered. This blog will discuss why selecting OEM parts from a reputable supplier is essential when performing air compressor maintenance.

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What’s So Special About OEM Air Compressor Repair Parts?

Air compressor parts produced by the original equipment manufacturer are engineered specifically for the industrial air compressor for which they were originally designed. OEM-manufactured replacement parts and oil are made with high-quality materials to exacting specifications and are quality tested to ensure performance to the original specifications and operating parameters of the equipment. This means that OEM replacement parts offer an exact fit for the make and model and, therefore, will provide the best performance and maintain the manufacturing efficiency and previous output levels of the original equipment.

On the other hand, generic aftermarket air compressor parts are often of lower quality and are frequently made with low-grade materials. Further, third-party air compressor parts are not optimized for the equipment in the same way, so they likely will not provide an exact fit or the same level of performance. While purchasing non-OEM aftermarket parts may save a few dollars initially, they are likely to compromise the functionality of and may void the warranty on your industrial air compressor, both of which carry a much higher price tag in the long run.

Advantages of OEM Air Compressor Repair Parts

The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies here. While it’s obvious that OEM air compressor parts are superior in quality and specifications to their generic third-party counterparts, it may still be tempting to save money on lower-cost parts when performing air compressor service or repairs. However, there are several advantages to using higher-quality, properly engineered replacement parts that may not be as obvious, but are certainly worth the investment.

Below are five solid reasons to purchase OEM replacement parts when air compressor service or repair becomes necessary:

  • Improved durability: Because OEM air compressor parts are made with higher-quality materials, engineered to exact specifications and rigorously quality tested to ensure performance, they are likely to be more durable in operation than generic parts. The use of more durable components assures that the industrial air compressor will be more reliable over its lifetime and will reduce instances of unscheduled air compressor maintenance service or repair. 
  • Greater manufacturing efficiency: Genuine OEM aftermarket components may cost a bit more, but because they are designed and tested for optimal performance, they are likely to provide higher levels of both operating and energy efficiency than parts that are not specifically engineered for the industrial air compressor in which they are placed. And, as mentioned above, lower-quality, generic replacement parts are less durable, so there will likely be more frequent breakdowns and maintenance, which equates to more downtime and higher costs related to labor and lost productivity over the lifecycle of the equipment. Choosing genuine OEM parts provides higher levels of manufacturing efficiency.
  • Optimized operation: Because OEM air compressor parts and oil are manufactured under tight tolerances and are tested to guarantee quality and function, they will provide optimized operation, allowing industrial air compressors to function with high levels of reliability and boosting manufacturing efficiency. Most manufacturers cannot afford for their industrial air compressor to be down for any length of time, so choosing the most reliable option is essential when selecting air compressor repair parts.
  • Readily available: OEM components are readily available through the manufacturers or one of their distribution partners. The ease of availability from a local supplier means that when air compressor repair service becomes necessary the wait for parts will be as short as possible, keeping downtime to a minimum and helping to maintain higher levels of manufacturing efficiency.
  • Maintain the Warranty: It is often the case that the use of third-party aftermarket components will void the original warranty of an industrial air compressor. Losing the protection provided by the warranty can be a costly mistake in the long term as generic parts only offer guarantees on that part and do not cover any damage caused to the equipment by their use. This is not the case with OEM-manufactured air compressor repair parts and oil.

Genuine OEM repair parts are the best choice for your industrial air compressor repair service, and while they may have a higher up-front cost, they provide greater levels of manufacturing efficiency and reliability, which is a significant cost savings over the lifetime of the equipment. Further, purchasing OEM components ensures that the air compressor warranty is not voided, which protects your investment and your business. To purchase air compressor repair parts or to learn more about air compressor repair service, please contact JHFOSTER today.