Protect Your Compressed Air Equipment from the Summer Heat

It is a well-known fact that high temperatures have never been kind to technology. This holds true for even your compressor system. Have you noticed that summer heat affects compressed air systems within your company?

Fear not! We will tell you WHY the summer heat is affecting your system and the changes you can make to stop these effects in their tracks.

The Effects of Summer Heat on Your Equipment

Summer heat tends to wreak havoc on systems that are not regularly maintained or serviced. Your first step to prevent the summer heat from causing an expensive compressor breakdown is to ensure you have regularly scheduled maintenance performed.

Listed below are a few effects that are caused by summer heat. Read more to find out how these effects happen.

Lower Flow Rates

The higher the temperature creeps, the less dense air becomes. This means that less air will be coming through the intake.

Increased Condensate Output

Increased temperature creates vapor in the air. This means that with increased summer heat, your system will be seeing far more water being created through water vapor. This places far more pressure on your filtration and drying system to keep up.

Increased Draining

With more condensate production, comes increased system drainage. The water vapor increases condensate production, which in turn will place more pressure on your drainage system. Increased draining cycles place more wear and tear on your parts which can lead to drainage malfunction or shutdown.

How To Prevent These Effects

There are many ways to prevent the above issues from happening. Below, you will find the best and most popular tips to prevent compressor shutdown from the summer heat.

Proper Ventilation

One way to decrease the effects of heat on your compressor system is to create proper ventilation within the room that houses it. Ventilation in a compressor room allows for air to move more freely.

Refrigerated Air Dryer Check-ups

If your air dryer is not working efficiently or is malfunctioning prior to summer, you can bet that your dryer will experience problems or even shutdown when it must work overtime.

Supply your dryer with proper cooling and ensure that the condenser is properly cleaned before summer breaks free. In addition, ensure that your dryer is well-ventilated.

Change Your Filters and Drains

Clogged filters and drains will be unable to remove excess water that occurs from the summer heat. Be sure that your filters operate correctly and are cleaned thoroughly. Well-functioning parts remove excess condensate created from water vapor.

Sample and Change Oil Regularly

Your car does not work as efficiently when the oil has not been changed for some time. This is also true for your compressor. Summer heat affects compressed air systems more often when the system is functioning with low efficiency.

Sampling the Synthetic Lubricant in your compressor is an accurate method of tracking the oil life and the best way to get the most out of the oil while protecting the compressor from expensive damage. Be sure to sample the oil every 2,000 hours or 2 times per year whichever is greater. The report generated from the sample will indicate when to change the oil.

You will also want to ensure that you have a maintenance schedule to change the oil on your machine.

Check Fluid System

While you are checking your filters, now is a good time to make sure oil can freely flow through your system. If there are any obstructions, your system will not be able to keep up with added water vapor.

Change Worn Out Parts

Worn out parts fail to keep up with heat effects when worn out and ready for retirement. Do a thorough check-up at the beginning of the Spring season to check for worn out parts.

Dust Electrical Components

Dust in your computer’s electrical parts can cause it to breakdown and stop working. The same can occur for electrical components that power your compressor. Ensure that electrical components are free of dust and contaminants before summer sets in.


The summer wreaks havoc on your air compressor if you don’t make a point to regularly check-up on it. Download your summer breakdown prevention guide now!

To find more help on how to protect your system from the heat, contact our specialists by phone or email.