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Service and Repair on Automation

Automation Component Repair, Refurbish or Replace? We’ve
Got You Covered

Simplify Your Operations

JHFoster is your single-source provider for service and repair on automation offering solutions to all your industrial automation component service and repair including electronics, servos, valves and robotics. Not sure if you should repair or replace your automation parts? We provide you with options so you can choose the one that best fits your business – whether its maintaining, replacing or upgrading your parts. Overall, you get the best solution for your operation at the lowest cost. 

JHfoster's Service Repair Flyer

Our Remanufacturing/Repair Process:

Each item brought in for repair goes through a rigorous eleven-step process to ensure the highest quality remanufacturing/repair to extend the life of your equipment.

  • Step 1 – Repair Received: logged into the system and assigned to a technician
  • Step 2 – Report Generated: parts needed and timeline for repair
  • Step 3 – Submitted for Customer Approval: by email and phone call
  • Step 4Technician Assigned to Unit: after approval
  • Step 5 – Unit Fully Disassembled: (if not already done) and hand cleaned
  • Step 6 – Degraded Parts Replaced: and if needed, standard parts to refurbish and extend the life of service
  • Step 7 – Unit Reassembled: goes through full testing based on the type of unit
  • Step 8 – Lab Reports and/or Diagnostics Signed Off: by all technicians that worked on the unit
  • Step 9 – Repair Sent Through Quality Control: and then to shipping
  • Step 10 – Item Painted: if needed and prepped for shipment
  • Step 11 – All Items Prepared to be Immediately Installed: by customer or stored in inventory (most items will be delivered in a sealed bag)

Rush-Service Available

In an emergency, call the 24-hour emergency service number at 800.582.5162 and we’ll get started right away. In addition, most rush repairs are completed within one day with NO compromise in quality and a very competitive rush-processing fee. We’ll get it done quickly and to our regular standard of care, not a careless rush-job.

Schedule an Automation Consultation

Want to know if we have an item in stock? What is the warranty? Questions on how much an average industrial automation service or repair costs? To receive a professional evaluation or advice, contact us at 800.582.5162, by email at or speak with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About JHFoster's Service on Automation Systems
What systems do JHFoster’s product specialists have experience in servicing?

Our specialists have experience servicing Automation, Robotics, and Compressed Air Systems.

What after-hours support is offered?

After-hours support is offered for emergency situations. Call 800.582.5162 to reach our on-call staff.