Best Applications for Compressed Air Systems

For compressed air systems, the types of applications for these compressors will depend on the industry. These systems may be used in automotive, aerospace, medical, food, mining, and many others. These industries may use several different types of compressed air for their operations that could come in various sizes. Companies in these industries may also request customized compressed air solutions for their specific operations.

Most uses of compressed air fall within three different settings: commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Residential settings may involve someone using a smaller version of air compressor either for a very specific job or as part of a hobby. For example, a homeowner may use a pneumatic nail gun during a home renovation, or a hobbyist may have a compressor available during woodworking projects.

Commercial-style air compressors are found in various settings and projects. From compressed air used to operate elevators at a hotel to painting vehicles at a car detail shop, these types of compressors may eb be found as tools or part of larger equipment systems to perform a specific task for consumers.

Industrial air compressors may come in varying styles, sizes, and working formats. They could consist of portable, standalone, and climate controlled varieties and produce air pressures that are far greater in volume and for longer periods of time than compressors found in commercial or residential settings. Let’s learn more about the uses of industrial air compressors.

Uses of Industrial Air Compressors by Industry

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage companies typically use compressed air that is free from any contamination as the air may encounter food or with containers and packages where the food and beverages will be stored. An industrial air compressor may be used to cool off hot processed food that will undergo additional processing steps or will be prepared to go into packaging. The system may also be a part of automated systems for placing the products into packages, such as filling beverages into drink bottles or food into canes, as well as used on conveyance systems to move the bottles, cans, or other packaging to different production line areas.


Pharmaceutical is another industry where it is vital to have compressed air that is free from contaminants which could damage products and endanger consumers. An industrial air compressor used in this setting may have tasks similar to ones used in the food and beverage industry. The system is often found on conveyance equipment to move pharmaceutical products from one station to the next during production processes. They may also be used for packaging of products before being shipped out to retailers, medical practices, or hospitals. When looking at a specific use in the pharmaceutical industry, an air compressor may place coatings on medicines.

Energy Exploration

Energy industries such as natural gas and oil use industrial air compressors as a power source for equipment due to its portability, cost savings, and safety when used around hazardous work environments. An industrial air compressor may be used to power pneumatic equipment and tools, operate boiler systems, or control circuit valves for steam or coolant systems.


Manufacturing is the largest industry to use compressed air in numerous functions due to the vast amounts of products or functions used in this sector. An industrial air compressor may be a part of a larger system to operate processing or production machinery. They may also be used to adjust feed and roller machinery, power smaller and portable pneumatic tools, or be found in actuators and controls for systems. They may also be used as part of a delivery system, such as sandblasting during parts manufacturing. Other common applications are for welding and cutting functions in the making of products or the servicing of equipment.

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In addition to these industries mentioned above, an industrial air compressor may be used to power tools in automotive shops, be part of braking systems for amusement park rides, or be found in agricultural equipment for planting and harvesting crops. These compressed air systems are typically found in almost every industry as they often work behind the scenes to make operations more efficient. If you need industrial compressed air systems, turn to JHFOSTER.