Welcome To The JHFoster Energy Audit Library!

The Energy Audit Library hosts resources dedicated to information on energy audits performed by JHFoster. In addition, you can find energy audit savings and programs. If you suspect your system of using more energy than necessary, we suggest reading the resources below. 

Are you looking for even more energy audit resources? Our blog includes industry news, how-to’s, and the newest solutions to your problems. 

Not Looking for Energy Audit Info?

Beyond energy audit information, we have product information in our Automation Library, Compressed Air Library and our Robotics Library. Beyond that, we have a hub for Case Studies and Events also to keep you current on new projects we have finished and training events we are hosting.

If you don’t find your energy audit answers here, feel free to contact us! Shoot us a message via email or directly call us.

JHFoster offers a compressed air dryer rebate program. See graphic for more details.

Refrigerated Dryers

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JHFoster offers compressed air efficiency programs.

Air Audits

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Desiccant dryers equipped with Dew Point Controls constantly monitor output dew points during normal five minute or four hour cycles.

Point Demand System

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Prescriptive Rebates Available for No-Loss Air Drains

No-Loss Air Drain

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JHFoster offers prescriptive rebates available for integrated VSD compressor.

Integrated VSD Compressors

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Graphic displaying results of a compressed air study.

Compressed Air Study

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JHFoster promotes energy efficiency along with guidelines from Focus on Energy.

Focus On Energy

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Actuator Sizing Chart - JHFoster

Actuator Sizing

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JHFoster cfm calculator

JHFoster CFM Calculator

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Pneumatic Schematics John Henry Foster

Pneumatic Schematics

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