Podcast: Robotics Series

The JHFOSTER Podcast Robotics Series answers your burning questions related to robotics and robotic accessories. We wanted to provide a space for our customers to learn about troubleshooting any problems they have. In addition, the series helps our customers understand why beginning with robotics can help increase productivity in their production environment. This series focuses on a variety of robotic topics like ‘what robots are best for pick and place operations’.

We also have podcasts that mention different robotic products that we offer. If you have any questions on products mentioned in the podcast, you can contact us or view our products.

The JHFOSTER Podcast Schedule

The JHFOSTER team publishes episodes every second and fourth Monday of each month. In addition to The JHFOSTER Podcast Robotics Series, we have three other series dedicated to compressed air, automation and service topics.

Click on the episodes found below to listen to your favorite robotics topics now!

Even More Ways To Learn!

Do you have other burning questions on automation, robotics, service, or compressed air topics? JHFOSTER is prepared to answer! Visit our blog to learn more about industry news, frequently asked topics, and product updates. Furthermore, if you are looking for product demos or videos on robotic solutions, check out our YouTube channel!

If you’d prefer to contact us directly with your question, you can do that, also.

Episode 4: Collaborative Robots – What Are They, And How Are They Used?