Podcast: Automation Series

JHFOSTER receives many questions from customers on what their best options are to improve their efficiency in production. As a result, we created The JHFOSTER Podcast to provide our customers with answers to their most frequently asked questions. Within this podcast, we created The JHFOSTER Podcast Automation Series. This series focuses on automation topics and covers everything from automation maintenance to automation engineering. In addition, we provide information on specific automation products that may benefit your application.

The JHFOSTER Podcast Schedule

The podcast episodes are published every second and fourth Monday of the month. In addition to the JHFOSTER Podcast Automation Series, we have three other series focused on compressed airrobotics and service. To be featured on the podcast or to submit future topics, please email us.

Click on the episodes below to listen to your favorite automation topics now.

Automation Series Episodes


Episode 1: What Makes Emerson’s ASCO G3 Fieldbus So Effective? – with James Bjerke


Episode 2: Should I Be Using Electrical Control Panels? – with Jon Lee


Episode 3: NFPA Cylinders: What Can They Do For You?

Even More Ways to Learn!

We have even more information available to answer your burning questions! Visit our blog to learn more about automation, robotic and compressed air topics. Furthermore, we publish everything from updates in these industries to step-by-step maintenance guides for your equipment. Also, if you are looking for product demos or solutions, visit our YouTube channel.