LED Lighting

In manufacturing, lighting is a critical component that affects cost, safety and productivity. Inadequate lighting can result in poor visibility, low employee morale, reduced safety, increased fatigue, and reduced quality control. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that both ambient and safety lights are optimized for each environment and application.

Industrial LED lighting is the most up-to-date solution to tackle this problem. Over the last years, LED technology has gone down in price, and now offers an extremely competitive performance-cost ratio.  Therefore, any investments in industrial LED lights will result in a better ROI than competing technologies. Other expected results can be increased productivity, visual inspection quality, safety and even better plant aesthetics.

JHFOSTER has partnered with PATLITE to offer a complete industrial LED lighting solution that includes both working and safety lights. Working with us can help your company speed up its research and decision-making process, and implement a customized solution in little time.

Signal Beacons

PATLITE signal beacons are another great option for industrial manufacturers to ensure human and machine safety. Their three different models offer enhanced brightness compared to competing products. This is possible by employing a cutting-edge Fresnel lens or innovative dual-reflector coupled with a larger light-emitting surface to achieve an intense and uniform light. Up to 22 different light patterns are available in the SF series. IP66 and NEMA TYPE 4X ratings are offered in the SF and SL series, and IP65 is available in the SK series. Common applications include train stations, control panels, 24-hour parking buildings, automated guided vehicles, and automated machines.

LED Lighting

Productivity, employee morale and aesthetics have been linked with appropriate lighting. PATLITE offers two types of LED lights for industrial environments: work lights and light bars. Work lights are made out tempered glass lenses and aluminum or stainless-steel bodies; light bars are made from polycarbonate resin. Several IP protection ratings from IP65 to IP69K are offered, depending on the series. RoHS, CE, UL, and compliance with other standards is also offered. Most models are resistant to water, oil, chemicals and/or coolants. Light color ranges from warm white (2700K) to daylight (6500K). Sizes up to 1224 mm length are available.

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