Industrial Guards

Occupational safety and health is a fundamental topic in modern manufacturing. Ensuring workers’ safety requires identifying and analyzing potential safety hazards and taking action to prevent them from happening or to lessen their effects in case they happen. The actions taken to accomplish these objectives include employing visual warnings, providing personal protection equipment, mounting safety devices and sensors, installing appropriate lighting, and covering machines with guards. This last item is especially important in automated manufacturing plants because machines operate autonomously and might be move in a fast and unpredictable manner sometimes. In these cases, personnel working nearby must always be protected.

Industrial guarding is a protection system that uses panels made from metallic wire, sheet metal or plastic that act as barriers between the moving machine parts and the workers. They can be installed directly on the machine or around it to form a perimeter. Guards are almost always required by law. They are also normally used together with safety switches with locking mechanisms to prevent accidents when maintenance is taking place.

JHFOSTER has partnered with Swivellink to offer a comprehensive solution of industrial guards. With our industrial knowledge and expertise, our engineers can help your company install the most appropriate guarding solution to each working area and machine.

Stronguard® by Swivellink®

Stronguard is Swivellink’s line of industrial guards for automation and manufacturing applications. This product line has been designed to be strong and modular; to last longer and be easily assembled and configured in different layouts.


Stronguard® panels are offered in different versions. They come in two heights (32″ and 48 “), three mesh types (1 ” x 1 “, 2 ” x 2 ” and polycarbonate) and in many widths. Polycarbonate panels are recommended for applications where flying debris is present. A smaller mesh is recommended for panels that are installed directly on machines. Different panels can be combined to get the length and the height each application needs.

Posts & Feet

Posts are offered in 32 ” and 48 ” heights to match the panels’ heights.  They can be stacked on top of each other to achieve the needed height.


Doors are available in both swinging and sliding variants. Special conversion kits can also be used to turn an existing panel into a door for added flexibility.

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