As trusted experts in automation and manufacturing, we can help you choose the best automated conveyor system for your industry. Whether it’s for production or packaging our turnkey services can identify your exact needs and deliver.

The Benefits of Automated Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are the transportation mode of choice in production lines for a variety of compelling reasons. Here are a few of the most common ones.

  • Speed of Transportation – When it comes to consistently taking materials from one stage of the production process to another, nothing can compete with the speed of conveyor systems, especially when there are long distances to be covered.
  • Space Efficiency – The vast floor areas of warehouses and factories are usually packed with necessary tools, materials, and equipment. Customized conveyor systems allow better use of the space, while also being able to efficiently transport parts.
  • Damage Reduction – Because of the speed and efficiency of transporting parts and materials around the staging area, bumps and scratches are also significantly reduced. Consistent parts translate to consistent products and vast improvements to productivity.
  • Human Error Reduction – Conveyor systems allow personnel to focus on other tasks that require more human interaction. This doesn’t only reduce the chances of human error, it also drastically improves the safety of the operation.

The Automated Conveyor Systems We Offer

We distribute various conveyor systems from two reliable major brands.

Conveyor Technologies LTD: Modular plastic belt conveyor, AccuVision Conveyor, AccuMove Conveyor (Timing Belt Conveyor), End Drive Conveyor, Center Drive Conveyor, Round Belt Conveyors

Dorner: Belted, Modular Belt, Precision Timing Belt and Flexible Chain Conveyors; Sanitary and Industrial Conveyor Models – Low Profile, Heavy-Duty and Miniature Series; Standard Specials – Magnetic, Vacuum, Lift Gate, Common Drive, Backlit and Custom Conveyors – Accumulation Systems, Depositing, Merging, Diverting, Retracting and Transferring Conveyors; Pallet Handling Conveyors; Incline Conveyors – Z-frame, Helix, Alpina, Vertical and Wedge Conveyors, Replacement Belts and Parts. 

New London: Standard, Modified, and Custom Conveyors – Slider Bed, Hinged Steel Belt, Chain Driven Live Roller, Zero Pressure Accumulation, Wire Mesh, Magnetic, Cleated Incline, Table Top Chain, Modular Belt, Low Profile, Drag Chain, Turntable, Slat, Pallet Dispensing, Pallet Stacking and Pallet Handling Conveyors – in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. 

Rexroth: TS Conveyors, VarioFlow Plus Plastic Chain Conveyor, ActiveMover Transfer System

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