Compressed Air Service Plan

Reduce costly downtime by performing regularly scheduled maintenance on air compressors and related equipment. John Henry Foster offers quality service with our Compressed Air Service Plan that can increase production reliability, reduce downtime, and serve clients in an emergency. JHF’s trained technicians will streamline your air compressor maintenance program, enabling you to stay focused on your business and not on wondering whether your system is up and running smoothly.

Importance and Benefits of our Compressed Air Service Plan

  • Reduce costly downtime and emergency service calls
  • Increase reliability
  • Manage predictive maintenance program
  • Receive priority service when necessary
  • On call 24-hr emergency service

Our experts at JHF want to provide you with maintenance checklists and air compressor maintenance manuals to ensure your compressors are getting the regular maintenance they need to perform at full capacity.  We work with most brands and types of compressors.

In addition to offering Assurance Plans, JHF also provides compressor air service, maintenance and parts training as needed to educate your maintenance crew so they can maintain your compressed air systems and keep you running efficiently. JHF also has a vast inventory of compressor units, parts and accessories to ensure optimal performance to keep your equipment running at its peak, thus reducing costly downtime and lost productivity.

Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive compressed air service protection plan that supports our clients with increased reliability, less downtime and fewer emergencies.

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