Packaging Industry

packaging industry

Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is booming. With so many products needing to be shipped out, humans can hardly keep up on their own. That’s where efficiency through automation and compressed air systems comes in.

Packaging Industry and Automation

Everything from a conveyor system to a collaborative robot could increase the production capacity of your operation. Even more, figuring out that you need automation help is not hard to see. One easy clue that identifies needing automation is when your employees can’t keep up with demand.

Another clue that you need automation is recognized when labor costs exceed automation costs. Basically, when hiring more people exceeds the cost of installing an automation system, you know you are ready to take the step towards automation technology. Identifying the right solution for you, however, is the trick. JHFOSTER specialists can identify the most cost-effective solutions for your company.

packaging firm saves with JHFOSTER Compressed AIr Audit

Packaging Industry and Compressed Air

Compressed air systems are traditionally used to power packaging operations. With a large generation of power comes a large possibility of inefficiency. Regular maintenance and compressed air system checks will reduce the risk of inefficiency. In addition, checking with a compressed air specialist will help you identify whether you are, in fact, using the correct compressor for your needs. After all, compressed air often makes up the largest portion of your energy bill, and therefore plays a large part in reducing your bill overall.

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Making the right decisions for your company can be a difficult task in the packaging industry. Our robotic, automation and compressed air specialists are ready to assist you in your decision making. Please email us or call us for support.