Ultraprobe 3000 – So Advanced, it’s Simple

Interested in another way to cut energy waste and improve uptime? Save money and improve the environment? Have you heard about the Ultraprobe 3000?

John Henry Foster now has this portable inspection system available. The Ultraprobe 3000 is designed to detect energy waste and locate electrical problems through its digital ultra-sonic inspection feature.ultraprobe3000

Key Features:

  • Ability to store, overwrite, or enter data in a new location
  • 400 Memory locations hold all your test data
  • Scanning and stethoscope (Contact) plug-in modules
  • Update system software online

Typical Ultraprobe 3000 Applications:

  • Compressed air leak detection
  • Steam trap inspection
  • Valve leak detection
  • Pressure & vacuum leak detection
  • Heat exchanger, leaks
  • Tanks, pipes, leak testing
  • Wind noise/water leaks
  • Electrical inspection

Ultraprobe 3000 Website

Contact one of our representatives for more information on this unique device or simply fill in your information below to request the availability of renting it today – $250 per week plus shipping.

Ultraprobe rentals ONLY available in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and northern Iowa.

Dustin Nord  651.994.7286 or dustin.nord@jhfoster.com

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