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Lubricated or Oil-Free Compressors?

When it comes to selecting the best industrial compressor, businesses need to take into consideration their industry’s compressed air needs are. For example, the level of air purity decides whether you need an Oil-Lubricated or Oil-Free compressor.

Then there is Oil-Free, or “dry screw compressor”. These compressors are for industries that need one to make their products. Also, keep in mind, the higher the quality of the compressed air, the better the product and the lower the cost to produce it.

Then there is Oil-Free, or “dry screw compressor”. For industries that require compressed air to make their products, the higher the quality of the compressed air, the better the product and the lower the cost to produce it.

Still not sure about your best option? Never fear! Learn more about the differences between Oil-Lubricated and Oil-Free down below.

oil-lubricated or oil-free air compressor

Determine your best air compressor option to meet your demands

It’s pretty incredible that man has found a way to take ambient air and transform it in a way that powers manufacturing plants. Further, compressed air cleans hospital room air, automates processes and is used as an everyday convenience.

With that said, do you know which type of compressor would best meet your demand? Oil-lubricated or oil-free? Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of guidelines that tell you which compressor type to choose.

However, there are a few strategies that can help you determine which compressor is right for your company. First, you need to identify if there are any industrial codes or certifications necessary. In addition, identify the benefits of each unit and your job requirements. These factors will help you determine the best compressor for your business.

Finally, these are the different types of Oil-Lubricated and Oil-Free Compressed we distribute at John Henry Foster.

Oil-Lubricated Compressors

  1. Gardner Denver (CompAir): Rotary screw: 5-500 HP, Reciprocating: ½ – 30 HP
  2. Hydrovane: Rotary vane: 2-60 HP
  3. Quincy: Rotary screw/reciprocating: ½ – 350 HP
  4. Sauer Compressors USA: Reciprocating 2-4 stage high pressure compressors and boosters 100-6000 PSIG


Oil-Free Compressors

  1. Gardner Denver (CompAir): Water-sealed: 20 HP – 150 HP, Rotary screw: 100 HP – 400 HP, Reciprocating: 3/4 HP – 15 HP, Scroll: 2 HP – 40 HP
  2. Kobelco: Rotary screw: 20 HP – 500 HP
  3. Powerex: Super quiet scroll and reciprocating: 3 HP – 40 HP
  4. Quincy: Scroll: 2 HP – 30 HP
  5. Thomas: Diaphragm, rotary vane, linear, articulating piston, WOB-L piston


What Compressor is Right For You?

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