What Voids the Warranty of Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial compressors can be warriors in the workplace. From manufacturing to medical and petroleum to food packaging, compressors, pumps and vacuums perform a myriad of tasks, frequently with a minimum of maintenance. Well-maintained industrial compressors can last ten, fifteen, twenty years or more. This makes their purchase relatively infrequent. Even companies with multiple compressors may find purchasing a new one a rare experience. A plant manager, engineer or maintenance manager for a single compressor company may only experience a new compressor purchase once or twice in a career.  

Of course, the warranty on any new compressor should be a primary consideration. The warranty is your insurance policy on the compressor, protecting against unexpected, major repairs during the warranty period. While the warranty is significant protection and is valuable because it spells out exactly what is covered under the warranty, what is NOT covered and situations that void the warranty are equally critical.

While every brand of air compressor a distributor carries will have different features to the warrant in their particular warranty, here are some common situations that can void the warranty of an industrial compressor.


While it is tempting for a maintenance department to want to dig right in and resolve a problem, or perceived developing problem, with a compressor, if the unit is under warranty, that temptation must be avoided at all costs. Taking a compressor apart or disassembling to any degree will very well void the warranty.


Like disassembling an industrial compressor, making modifications or customizations to an air compressor can void its warranty. This is why it is critical to be direct with your industrial compressor distributor about your intended use of any compressor. If you think you can make a compressor “fit” a circumstance that it may not be intended for, you will likely be doing so at the risk of its warranty.

Incorrect or Improper Storage or Placement

While industrial compressors are generally highly durable and built for a variety of circumstances, improper placement or storage of the unit could ultimately lead to voiding the warranty. Make sure where your compressor will be located complies with the stipulations of the warranty 

Improper Installation

It is understandable that an industrial compressor needs to be installed properly to perform at its best. It is also understandable that the compressor needs to be installed properly to remain under protection of its warranty.

Improper Operation

Any mechanical device has its limits, and it is important that an industrial compressor operate within its design specifications and tolerances. Operating the compressor beyond its limits will put undue strain on the unit. If that strain creates a mechanical problem, the required parts and repairs will likely not be covered under the warranty.


Your industrial air compressor warranty will certainly include provisions that the compressor be properly maintained. This may include a maintenance schedule that will need to be followed to maintain the integrity of the compressor. If maintenance is not completed in a timely or proper fashion, the equipment could be considered neglected which would void the warranty.

Improper Sizing

One of your first considerations in selecting an industrial compressor is ensuring it is the appropriate size to meet your needs. This is not only critical in terms of performance, but if a compressor is too small or even too large, it could void the warranty. Your industrial air compressor distributor can help you select the most efficient size compressor for your application.

Unauthorized Third Party Maintenance

A warranty is an agreement between your company and the vendor. An unauthorized third party can void the warranty on a compressor if repairs are made. Make sure you work directly with the vendor and only conduct maintenance under the parameters set out in the warranty.

An industrial air compressor is a significant investment that is not frequently made. The decision-making team needs to not only be aware of what a compressor warranty covers, but also the situations that can void it. These caveats should be discussed and noted by your decision-making team to take full advantage of your warranty protection. You should be able to rely on your industrial air compressor distributor for trusted guidance in your decision process.

Stay Under Warranty with JHFOSTER

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